Container Exchanger is dedicated to the sale and resale of reusable packaging and containers. We Buy and Sell New and Used Pallet Containers, New and Used Bulk Containers, Metal Storage Bins and Wire Baskets, Plastic Industrial Totes, Plastic Pallets, IBC Totes, and Used Gaylord Boxes throughout the nation. When a company is finished using a returnable packaging fleet, we represent the seller and find a buyer for the used bulk packaging. Sellers enjoy a high sales price for a better return on investment. Buyers save significantly in comparison to new packaging prices.

Launched in 2005, has empowered companies to reduce packaging acquisition costs through access to used returnable packaging inventories and it has enabled companies to maximize return during disposal of their used packaging fleets.

Through our online business marketplace, we have facilitated thousands of transactions to date and our client list includes Fortune 500 businesses, Automotive Tier 1 manufacturers, consumer product manufacturers, scrap steel businesses, and distribution and freight companies.

We work with and empower independent used equipment dealers, used equipment liquidators, and end users by providing value added sales assistance. We handle all customer questions, follow-up sales calls, payment processing, freight delivery, and after-sales support to our customers, and our method of doing business puts buyers and sellers at ease by controlling monetary flow in a manner that ensures full disclosure and delivery of quality product. See answers to common Frequently Asked Questions.

Container Exchanger Services

Internet Presence: Our dynamic and interactive website makes browsing for the right packaging a breeze. Our repeat customers come back regularly to check out what's new on the market. With top search rankings on the major search engines, our products get exposure to buyers who are ready to purchase.

Email Marketing: We keep our customer base up-to-date by providing regular inventory updates on some of the hottest deals that we have available.

Order Processing: All invoicing, purchase orders, packing slips, payments, and shipping is orchestrated by our expert staff to help ensure the best customer experience.

Built-in Payment Escrow: All orders are pre-paid by customers. Those funds are held in an escrow fashion until the containers arrive at the customer's facility. We then call the customer to ensure that that the product arrived as described. At that time, payment can be released to the sellers. This method for handling funds has ensured that sellers ship a quality product and fully disclose any defects or important details. Sellers can rest assured that they will be paid quickly and in full after receipt of their used product.

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