Three primary factors affect sustainability as it relates to business.  The Sustainability Policy at Container Exchanger addresses these issues as fully as possible within the current business environment. Below, we have outline each of the 3 pillars.

Environment - Ensures that the business manages waste in order to minimize the negative, and maximize the positive, impact of business activity.

Economy - Ensures that the business is financially viable; that it engages good employment practices; and that it benefits the economy as a whole.

Community - Ensures that the business benefits the community, the culture and its heritage.



  • We reduce our negative impact on the local and global environment through prudent use of energy.
  • We encourage workers and visitors to turn off electrical appliances that are not in use, to use power-saving options, and to conserve heat and air conditioning.
  • We replace energy-inefficient appliances with energy-efficient models.


  • With the availability of digital technology, we communicate (as often as possible) with customers and suppliers using .pdf files and emails.
  • We re-use office paper, whenever possible, by printing on the backside of previously used paper.
  • When clean paper is required, we purchase recycled paper (100% post-consumer waste).
  • We seek to purchase "gently used" office equipment and furniture. In turn, we recycle and resell equipment, whenever possible. 


  • Container Exchanger brokers the exchange of used shipping containers. We reduce energy consumption by shipping direct from the selling entity to the buying entity, (which eliminates the costs linked to tranpsorting goods twice and the waste associated with warehousing product).
  • We work continually to expand our supply base in order to reduce shipping distances, energy consumption, and shipping costs, which benefit the customer and the community.
  • We provide work-at-home options to employees in order to reduce time and energy waste through commuting.
  • By encouraging the use of Internet, faxes, and telephone contacts, we minimize travel time and fuel consumption by sales associates. 


  • Container Exchanger uses electronic funds transfer (EFT) whenever possible. EFT reduces costs and decreases waste incurred from overnight envelopes, eliminates the cost of purchasing and printing checks, and reduces the use of energy to deliver the payments.
  • We save trees and minimize printing costs by printing only those reports that are required for accountability. Specialized computer software records and stores day-to-day operations, such as quotes, sales, invoicing, and purchasing. We maintain electronic backup for all business data and information.

Business Development

  • We continue to develop new and innovative ideas to help other customers reduce landfill wastes and boost their bottom lines.

Participation & Social Inclusion

  • Container Exchanger follows the principle of social inclusion for a healthy, creative community, where each individual is valued and encouraged to fulfill their potential.
  • We strive to achieve and maintain equal employment opportunities by interviewing and hiring employees without regard to sex, race, color, national origin, religion, age, handicap or status as a veteran.
  • We maintain public areas that are accessible to people with mobility problems or using a wheelchair.

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