Plastic Gaylords - Fixed Wall Bulk Containers

A large Plastic Gaylord is a heavy-duty storage container. These large plastic gaylords can be used to hold bulk materials, grains, seeds, powders, pellets, metal, scrap, and even food processing purposes. Some of the large plastic gaylords can be nested to reduce space but would require a lid for stacking, while others would be designed to stack on each other without a lid. Because these bulk containers are made of a heavy-duty plastic, some can hold over 2,500 pounds. A plastic Gaylord is deliberately constructed to be mobile, and easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004381 New 48x48x28 (Outsde dimensions) FDA Approved Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $160.00 376 MI, USA
S002731 New 45" x 48" Bulk Container Lids $45.00 10000 OH, USA
S002729 New 30" x 32" Bulk Container Lid $45.00 10000 OH, USA
S005795 Used 48x48x28 Vented Bulk Containers $80.00 250 WI, USA
S005540 New Buckhorn 42x29x28 Rigid Bulk Box $145.00 18 IN, USA
S005472 Used 30x32x19 Rotational Molded bins - Blue $75.00 50 MI, USA
S002659 New 30x32x15 Rotational Molded Bins $115.00 100 IN, USA
S005848 Used 45x48x30 Solid Wall Bulk Bins $90.00 32 IN, USA
S005839 Used 45x48x17 Fixed Wall Bulk Containers - Mixed Colors $115.00 22 OH, USA
S005778 Used 42x29x28 Rigid Bulk Containers - Black $100.00 39 MS, USA
S005741 Used Fixed Wall Non-Collapsible 45x48x24 & 45x48x25 Containers $120.00 27 ON, Canada
S005509 New 48x48x34 (Outside dimensions) FDA Approved Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $205.00 32 OR, USA
S005444 New Solid Wall, Solid Bottom Sealed Bulk Bin, 48 x 40 x 36 H bulk container $199.00 10000 MN, USA
S005216 Used 45x48x21-24" Non-Collapsible Dunnage Tubs $120.00 68 ON, Canada
S005204 Used 100x46x84 (Outside dimensions) Wood Crate $249.00 1 IL, USA
S005021 New 48x40x30 Bulk Plastic Storage Container $250.00 10 ON, Canada
S004909 New 60x60x48 Rigid Solid Plastic Tubs $426.00 40 SC, USA
S004128 Vented Bulk Container 45x48x34, MacroBin 34-FV $169.00 1000 KY, USA
S004051 New 48x48x52 Vented Bulk Container $299.50 1000 WA, USA
S004034 39 x 46.5 x 42 New Plastic Container $320.00 1000 WA, USA
1-20, 54 total listings       [1]  2  3 
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