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Buy Bulk Totes for Industrial Shipping & Storage

Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of handheld commercial totes, including food trays, organizer totes, bakery trays, nesting and stacking totes that can both be stacked on each other or nested together. Keep your operation organized and ship your high value finished goods with new or used commercial totes from Container Exchanger. Versatile and easy to handle, industrial storage totes are an excellent low cost packaging option. Small enough to be lifted by hand, they can be used to transport smaller parts between facilities or within them.

If you are looking for larger industrial storage totes or food totes, please visit the Bulk Containers section.  Visit one of the sub-categories below to see our specific items for sale. Contact us today and we can also help you sell your used storage containers. See answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Food Totes & Trays
Food Totes & Trays
Bakery Trays, Food Trays, and Food Grade Totes for all your Food Production and Distribution needs
Stacking Totes
Stacking Totes
Stackable Shipping and Storage Totes for high value manufactured goods
Nesting Totes
Nesting Totes
Nestable Shipping and Storage Totes
Stack & Nest Totes
Stack & Nest Totes
Shipping and Storage Totes that can Stack & Nest Together
Organizer Bins
Organizer Bins
Large and Small Storage Bins for Parts Storage and Organization

Suggested Applications

Assembled and Manufactured goods - Make sure you protect those important goods with the proper containers! These are the industrial storage totes that work:

  1. Stacking totes - These are straight wall plastic hand held industrial storage totes that offer excellent flexibility and product protection. Infinitely reusable and affordable to purchase Container Exchanger is sure to have the right stacking totes for your needs. When you exhaust all uses, these stacking totes can be recycled, promoting green business solutions.
  2. Nesting totes - Like stacking totes, these also typically have solid walls but unlike their stacking counterparts, these totes nest inside of each other. Therefore, nesting totes are ideal for warehouses and other areas where storage space is a concern.  These specific totes are often used in distribution centers on conveyer belts for packing orders. When not full or in use, can be nested together to save lots of floor space.
  3. Stack and Nest Totes - These industrial totes blend the benefits of both stacking and nesting totes into one elegant solution. When the top flaps are open, these totes nest inside of each other for compact storage. Additionally, when closed and the tote is full, the lid allows the totes the to stack on top and protect contents within.  Not all Stack & Nest totes have lids, some have other stacking options such as flip-up bars or the tote design permits stacking & nesting in the same package.  These features make the totes popular in retail stocking operations. The tote can be loaded with product in a distribution center and unloaded at a retail location such as drugstores and/or grocery stores. Empty industrial storage totes are then stacked and nested together for return to distribution center, saving shipping room on return trips and truck space.

Food Production and Processing - Take care of your produce and baked goods with our selection of FDA approved bakery trays and picking/collection/berry totes.

  1. Food Totes and Trays - Our selection of food totes and trays span form from one-way corn crates to berry and fruit picking totes and, even, bakery trays. Plastic versions can be reused again and again, are durable and approved for use in food facilities.  When you fulfill all your food and bakery needs for theses commercial totes, or they do happen to break, they can be recycled and given new life.
    Berry Trays -
    These harvest trays are shallow and protect sensitive fruit form bruising.
    Bakery Trays -
    Coming in a variety of heights to protected all your baked goods.

Store Room and Loose Parts Storage - The ideal commercial totes to hold and store thousands of small and loose parts.

  1. Organizer bins - These handy organizer totes have hopper fronts to them that enable the bins to organize your storeroom and hold your supplies. Furthermore, you are able to pull out multiple parts at a time with these totes. If you need small commercial totes for your bakery, manufacturing, or distribution center Contain Exchanger has your needs covered. You cannot go wrong with the tote selection form Container Exchanger. Save money, time and deliver value to your customers. Container Exchanger invites you to check out our listing in each stacking, nesting and stack and nesting, food and organizer categories.
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