Collapsible Wire Baskets

Wire baskets can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship heavy product over long distances. Mesh sided baskets are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new castings or collect scrap materials, heavy duty wire baskets are a great storage option. 
Some of the options for these containers are: collapsible or rigid, drop doors, stackable, heavy-duty load capacity, and the size of the container. Certain sized heavy duty wire baskets are also referred to as metal bulk containers, expanded metal containers and automotive baskets.
Collapsible wire baskets tend to be lighter duty than the rigid wire baskets. Collapsible bins tend to be weight rated between 1,500 and 4,000 lbs. The collapsible metal bins are a nice option for a small metal shipping bin. They work well in this situation, because the sides of the container can be collapsed, thereby reducing the size of an empty container. The collapsible wire baskets can be stacked in a corner of the warehouse, or they can be loaded onto a trailer for return shipment to your plant.

On this page you will find all collapsible wire baskets available through Container Exchanger or you can go directly to one of the heavy duty wire baskets here:
New Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets   Used Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets
40x32x34 Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets   48x40x36 Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets
48x40x30 Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets   48x40x42 Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets
53x48 Collapsible Mesh Sided Baskets    

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S002462 NEW 5131 Compatible 54x44x38 Collapsible Wire Basket, Stackable, Drop Gate. $345.00 1000 IL, USA
S004921 Wire Baskets: Used 43x39x41 (Outside Dimensions) Collapsible Wire Basket - with drop doors $85.00 1000 TN, USA
S004817 Used 40x48x30 Collapsible Wire Basket - with drop doors $100.00 500 TN, USA
S005020 New 48x40x36 Collapsible Wire Mesh Container $135.00 128 ON, Canada
S004819 Used 48x40x36 Wire Baskets - Collapsbile $185.00 100 ON, Canada
S004626 Used 60x45x32 Wire Baskets $225.00 77 ON, Canada
S003760 New 34x24x26 Wire Baskets- Collapsible $62.50 500 MO, USA
S003759 New 72x40x46 Wire Baskets $386.75 500 MO, USA
S003758 New 48x40x48 Wire Baskets $302.50 500 FL, USA
S003757 New 32x20x21.5 Wire Baskets $75.00 500 MO, USA
S003756 New 40x32x34.5 Wire Baskets $131.25 500 MO, USA
S003755 New 48x40x30 Wire Baskets $156.25 500 MO, USA
S003612 Used 52x44x29 Collapsible Wire Baskets 2 drop doors $165.00 220 OH, USA
S002605 Used 42x32x34 Wire Baskets- Collapsible $123.50 156 OH, USA
S002255 New 48x40x53 Wire Baskets- Collapsible, Stackable $331.25 1000 FL, USA
S002226 New 72x40x46 Wire Baskets- Collapsible, Casters Available $336.75 5000 KY, USA
S002225 New 48x40x45 Wire Baskets- Collapsible, Casters Available $205.63 5000 KY, USA
S002224 New 48x40x38 Wire Baskets- Collapsible, Casters Available $197.00 5000 KY, USA
S002222 New 43x33x39 Wire Basket- Collapsible, Casters Available $128.50 5000 KY, USA
S002221 New 48x40x34 Pallet Cage $84.50 5000 KY, USA
1-20, 33 total listings       [1]  2 
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