330 Gallon IBC Totes

Minimum Quantity Requirement for IBC Totes; 12 pieces minimum typically - varies by seller (minimums stated in each product ad). Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) totes are large containers used to store and transport liquids, viscous solutions and other fluid materials. Each IBC tote for sale on this page is between 300-335 gallons. 
Each IBC tote for sale consists of three primary components:
1. An IBC plastic container bottle
2. An IBC metal cage
3. A pallet that can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, plastic or metal
330 gal IBC totes can be found that meet the requirements for storing and transporting a wide range of products including food, pharmaceuticals, flammables and corrosives. Companies can choose between purchasing IBC totes made from new materials for food grade applications, reconditioned ones, and used non-reconditioned totes. Depending on the intended use, less expensive used IBC containers that have previously held other materials may be suitable.

All of our 330 gal IBC totes are listed below; or click one of the links if you are looking for IBC containers that are non-food grade, previously held food grade materials or have a new bottle:

  IBC Containers 330 Gallons - Used Food Grade
  IBC Containers 330 Gallons - Non-Food Grade
  IBC Containers 330 Gallons - New Bottle

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Sale Ads
Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005394 330 Gallon Non Food Grade IBC totes GA $98.40 60 GA, USA
S005992 330 Gallon Rebottled IBC Tote with 2" Camlock Valve, Steel Pallet- MISSOURI $99.00 66 MO, USA
S005989 NEW Buckhorn Caliber- Bottom Discharge $693.75 25 OH, USA
S005890 330 gallon reconditioned totes OH $176.40 60 OH, USA
S005841 330 gal schutz totes, non-food grade $93.75 30 CA, USA
S005798 USED 330 gallon totes MI $62.50 8 MI, USA
S005504 One Time Use,IBC 330 gal $125.00 60 ON, Canada
S005460 Used 'As IS' Buckhorn Caliber Containers Bottom Discharge DE $404.00 4 DE, USA
S005375 330 Gall Non food Grade IBC Totes MI $69.00 10 MI, USA
S004529 Used 330 Gallon IBC Totes $75.00 150 MI, USA
S004156 Used Heavy Duty 330 Gallon IBC Totes $187.50 11 NJ, USA
S003817 330 Gallon IBC Tote $156.25 40 CA, USA
S002713 Refurbished 330 Gallon IBC Totes $120.00 0 TX, USA
S002428 Refurbished 330 Gallon IBC Totes- Non Food Grade $162.50 500 MI, USA
S002427 Re-Manufactured 330 Gallon IBC Totes- Non Food Grade $209.25 500 MI, USA
S002163 Used 302 gallon collapsible totes - top discharge $250.00 27 OH, USA
S4534 Used 330 Gallon Totes - Non Food Grade $120.00 14 NC, USA
S4157 Refurbished 330 Gallon IBC Totes $160.00 60 MO, USA
S3000 New 302 Gallon Structural Foam Collapsible IBC Tote Inquire for Price 5000 MO, USA
S2999 New 315 Gallon Collapsible IBC Totes Inquire for Price 5000 MO, USA
1-20, 21 total listings       [1]  2 
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