Used Stack Racks

Used stack racks are perfect for warehouses, shipping, and cold storage.  Used racks are stacked vertically, instead of horizontally, allowing increased warehouse floor space. Stack racks are a flexible and very portable racking option and can be configured to handle many items including pipes, furniture, rugs, or other long and bulky items.
Used stack racks are composed of a metal pallet base and either 4 individual uprights or an upright frame assembly which can be completely disassembled and stored. Some stack racks do not have removable posts or uprights, but instead, have a frame that allows compatible racks to be stacked in a staggered manner. The design of the stack racks helps to minimize potential product damage, especially with hard-to store items and allow for quicker storage and retrieval because they allow access from all sides with a forklift or by hand.
Some stack rack options are:
  • collapsible or rigid
  • footprint
  • height
  • stackable
  • heavy-duty load capacity
  • color
 Choose one of the options below for used stack racks that Container Exchanger has available or take a look at the full list of used stack racks on this page.
Used Collapsible Stack Racks  
Used Rigid Stack Racks  

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004657 Used 96x86x57 Stack Racks with removable shelf racks $225.00 500 MI, USA
S003970 Used 49.5" x 154" x 48 or 51" Stack Racks, removable posts $140.63 350 MO, USA
S003969 Used 49.5 x 126 Stack Racks w. removable posts $124.69 30 MO, USA
S4136 Used 96x46x50 Stack Racks $156.25 200 NE, USA
1-4, 4 total listings       [1] 
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