Used Rigid Metal Bins - Steel Tubs

Metal storage bins utilize metal frames and solid walls to provide a lot of product protection.  These solid sided steel containers can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods or castings, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship very heavy product over long distances. Steel tubs are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new castings or collect scrap metal, a metal bin is a great heavy-duty storage option.
The metal version of bulk bins can be collapsible, folding or rigid. Metal bulk containers often have several options to fit your needs, including: drop doors, stackable, solid walls, lifting lugs for lifting with a crane, fork tubes for rotating the bins, heavy-duty gauge steel, heavy-duty load capacity, and the size of the container.

Rigid metal bulk containers are especially suited to any kind of heavy-duty application such as metal working plants, metal stamping, forging, casting, etc. Rigid steel bins are often suited to handle 4,000 lbs or more and can be stacked several bins high. When purchasing heavy-duty rigid metal containers, you may want to pay attention to the gauge of the wire mesh as a good indication to the capabilities of the container.

Below you will find our listings for all used rigid metal bins or click on the link below if you are looking for used rigid bins with drop doors:
  Used Rigid Metal Bulk Containers with Drop Doors

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004941 Used 48x30x30 (Outside dimensions) Rigid Metal Bins $165.00 50 OH, USA
S004935 Used 96x54x36 Metal Bins - with Drop Gates $300.00 30 MI, USA
S004876 Used 64x30x30 Rigid Metal Bins - Stackable $175.00 236 ON, Canada
S004806 Rigid Steel Bins, Extra Large, 108" x 43.5" x 55" with drop doors $350.00 24 QC, Canada
S004789 Used 53x48x26 Rigid Metal Bins $225.00 17 OH, USA
S004491 Used 1/4 Yard Self Dumping Hoppers $270.00 100 MI, USA
S004195 Used 35x30x30 Rigid Metal Bins $250.00 40 IL, USA
S004194 Used 38x26x33 Metal Bins $273.75 180 OH, USA
S004193 Used 54x39x30 Metal Bins $311.25 65 OH, USA
S004192 Used 50x36x32 Metal Bins $311.25 150 OH, USA
S004191 Used 50x36x24 Metal Bins $236.25 90 OH, USA
S004185 Used 54x44x38 Metal Bins with Drop Doors $250.00 200 ON, Canada
S004184 Used 53x48x38 Metal Bins $225.00 10 ON, Canada
S004183 Used 54x48x35 Metal Bins $210.00 23 ON, Canada
S004179 Used 36x32x36 Metal Bins $168.75 6 ON, Canada
S004175 Used 52x40x38 Metal Bins with Drop Doors $293.75 288 ON, Canada
S004129 Used 36x36x36 Metal Framed Bins $106.25 20 TX, USA
S003929 Used 54x44x25 solid steel containers $250.00 18 OH, USA
S003835 Used 96x62x34 Metal Bins $368.75 30 OH, USA
S003795 Used 31x23x29 Metal Bins-Stackable $93.75 10 OH, USA
1-20, 50 total listings       [1]  2  3 
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