Used Collapsible Stack Racks

Used collapsible racks are perfect for warehouses, shipping, and cold storage.  Used stack racks are stacked vertically, instead of horizontally, allowing increased warehouse floor space. Used stack racks are a flexible and very portable racking option and can be configured to handle many items including pipes, furniture, rugs, or other long and bulky items.
Used collapsible racks are composed of a metal pallet base and either 4 individual uprights or an upright frame assembly which can be completely disassembled and stored. Some stack racks do not have removable posts or uprights, but instead, have a frame that allows compatible racks to be stacked in a staggered manner. The design of the stack racks helps to minimize potential product damage, especially with hard-to store items and allow for quicker storage and retrieval because they allow access from all sides with a forklift or by hand.
Some options for used stack racks are:
  • footprint
  • height
  • stackable
  • heavy-duty load capacity
  • color

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S003970 Used 49.5" x 154" x 48 or 51" Stack Racks, removable posts $140.63 350 MO, USA
S003969 Used 49.5 x 126 Stack Racks w. removable posts $124.69 30 MO, USA
S4136 Used 96x46x50 Stack Racks $156.25 200 NE, USA
1-3, 3 total listings       [1] 
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