Used Buckhorn Nesting Totes

Used Buckhorn nesting totes are often used between facilities to transport smaller parts, or they can be used within facilities to hold and transport work in process. Nesting totes can be great for WIP or in process totes in manufacturing or distribution centers. Used Buckhorn nesting totes can store many kinds of products, and they often work well on conveyors between manufacturing or fulfillment stations. These plastic totes rarely contain internal dunnage, because that would prevent the tote boxes from nesting within each other, which is a space saving feature. These totes sometimes have detached lids available, so that they can be stacked neatly without damaging product.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004809 USED Nesting Totes with attached lids Buckhorn MA12110789 $5.00 3000 TN, USA
S004758 19x11x10 Plastic Mesh Totes Mixed Lot $2.75 700 CA, USA
S004702 Used 24x18x8 Nesting Totes $6.00 3000 IN, USA
S002459 Used 17x11x6 Metal Wash Baskets, 304 Stainless Steel $75.00 500 OH, USA
S4252 Used 12x10x10 3.5 gallon pail with removable lid and lever lock $10.80 3000 MN, USA
1-5, 5 total listings       [1] 
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