Plastic Skids

Plastic pallets also known as plastic skids come in a several styles and sizes for a variety of applications. Our plastic skids for sale are a great options to use as export pallets since they don’t have the same requirements as wood pallets. From a construction standpoint, some plastic pallets for sale are made from plastic structural foam, others are made of durable thermoformed plastic. Structural foam pallets are more rigid than the thermoform version. Some packaging systems pair our Straight-Wall Totes with a Plastic Pallet and Top Cap for a Returnable Packaging system. This pairing works well, because the plastic pallets for sale typically have a shorter lip around the edge, and the totes fit perfectly within the lip. The Top Cap is a pallet cover which enables multiple pallets to be stacked on top of each other. Shop our plastic skids for sale today or contact us for more information.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005583 Used 48x40x6 Blue/Green Plastic pallets WI $15.00 30 WI, USA
S005582 Used 48x40x6 Injection Molded Pallets WI $15.00 30 WI, USA
S005556 New 48 x 40 Plastic Nestable Pallet $29.75 0 NC, USA
S005661 Used Uline H-990 Nestable Pallets $20.00 100 IN, USA
S005660 Used Cabka CPC 440 Open Face Pallets - Nestable $15.00 300 IN, USA
S005619 48x40 Foam Pallets GA $3.00 728 GA, USA
S005555 New 48 x 45 Nestable Vacuum Formed Top Cap $24.00 0 NC, USA
S005554 New 48 x 45 Structural Foam HDPE Nestable Pallet $40.00 0 NC, USA
S005551 USED 800x1200 Euro pallets $8.58 600 NC, USA
S005549 New Plastic Reusable Freezer Spacer, 40" x 48" $32.50 5000 PA, USA
S005548 New 36" x 39" Bottled Water Pallet / Display Pallet with optional stacking post $82.13 5000 IN, USA
S005547 New 40" x 48" Nesting Pallet, 3000 lb dynamic capacity $36.25 5000 NY, USA
S005519 USED 40x48 Block Plastic Pallets OH $13.30 6000 OH, USA
S005454 48x48 Heavy Duty Plastic Block pallet $13.00 100 NJ, USA
S005415 Used 43x43 Plastic Pallets IL $6.75 100 IL, USA
S005410 Used 45x48 Plastic Palletsa w/ top caps CA $99.96 350 ON, Canada
S005409 Used 45x48 Pallets and top caps TX $99.99 75 TX, USA
S005401 48x40 Foam Pallets $2.50 728 IL, USA
S005365 Used 48x40 Plastic pallets IL $8.13 1000 KS, USA
S005363 Used 43x43 Plastic Pallets (Solid Top) NC $9.50 504 NC, USA
1-20, 220 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11 
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