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Stack Racks: New 48x96x60 Stack Racks (poles can be cut down to custom height requirements)

Item Code   S004912
Quantity Available   400
Dimensions 48" x 96" x 60" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   Used
Collapsible Collapsible
Dynamic Capacity 3000 lbs.
Weight 200 lbs.
Price (ea) $175.00
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Additional Information   60" posts inside useable height, 67" overall height
4 pc minimum order
Add $10 each for less than 20 pcs

Stackable to 4 high.
Recessed Wire Mesh Deck.
Heavy Duty Post Construction

Poles can be cut down to custom height requirements at no additional cost.
Other options (costs apply)
Weld Uprights
Add Fork Straps

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