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Pallet Containers: 39 x 46.5 x 42 New Plastic Container

Item Code   S004034
Quantity Available   1000
Location Location Washington - WA, USA
Price (ea) Price (ea) $340.00
Additional Information   5 pc minimum order, 60 pcs fit per truckload
Add $80 each for lids

The bins are watertight

Injection-molded, high-impact resistant plastic
Splinter-resistant plastic
Lightweight construction
Insulated with double wall construction
FDA-approved materials
Rounded corners and smooth surfaces
Nonporous surfaces
Secure-fitting Lids


All bins are ivory unless noted otherwise. Other bin colors are available at an additional cost. All bins are available with foil embossing at an additional cost. Dimensions assume tolerance of 1/8" or 3 mm. Cubic capacities assume tolerance of 5% and tare weights assume tolerance of 4% unless noted otherwise. Maximum Stack Weight = (weight of bin contents + tare weight of bin) x number of bins in a stack. Stack weights also influenced by the length of storage and temperature;
Container Brand Container Brand
Dimension Dimension 39" x 47" x 42" (Length x Width x Height)
Container Footprint Container Footprint Other
Condition Condition New
Collapsible Collapsible Rigid
Lids Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity Capacity 2000 lbs.
Weight Weight 124 lbs.
Pallet Container Features Pallet Container Features Plastic, Solid Walls, Solid Floor, Runners, 4-Way Entry, FDA Approved
New Pallet Containers - 39 x 46.5 x 42 New Plastic Container Click to Enlarge
  • New Pallet Containers - 39 x 46.5 x 42 New Plastic Container

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