For Sale
Metal Bins: Used 38x26x33 (Outside Dimensions) Corrugated Metal Bins - Unpainted

Item Code   S004194
Quantity Available   160
Dimensions 38" L x 26" W x 33" H (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   Used
Collapsible Rigid
Dynamic Capacity lbs.
Weight 220 lbs.
Price (ea) $269.00
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Additional Information   10 piece minimum order
Add $30 each for 9 - 19 pc orders
Add $15 ea for 20 - 99 pc orders
Bins can be painted for an additional $40 per bin

Corrugated Steel Container 24 inch usable height
Stackable, Hairpin, 2-Way Entry, Painted Grey on the outside.

Inside Dims are 38x26x24
Metal Bin Features Metal, Solid Walls, Solid Floor, 2-Way Entry

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