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Metal Bins: NEW 40x34x26 Solid Sided Steel Bins-Collapsible, Stackable

Item Code   S3322
Quantity Available   10000
Dimensions 35" L x 41" W x 26" H (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   New
Collapsible Collapsible
Dynamic Capacity 3200 lbs.
Weight 140 lbs.
Price (ea) $196.56
Location Ontario - ON, Canada
Additional Information   Actual size is 40.5 x 34.5 x 26 overall height, 19 in internal height.
Load Capacity is 3,200 Lbs, Stacked 5 high.
In stock and ready to ship - stock quantities vary
Zinc-Plated finish is standard.

252 pcs per 53' truckload (collapsed), 108 pcs per truckload with sides up.
In Stock & Standard: Zinc Plated Bins.
Optional: Powder coated or painted

Minimum order is 25 pieces.

Add $55 ea for orders 25 pcs.
Metal Bin Features Metal, Solid Walls

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