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Hoppers & Silos: New 57x45x65 Center Flow Container Bulk Container for Seed, Feed, Salt, and Plastic

Item Code   S002032
Quantity Available   88
Location Indiana - IN, USA
Price (ea) Inquire for Price
Additional Information   Fully reusable bulk container with an efficient 35 degree exit angle for quick flow of granular or pelletized material.

Handles 2500 lbs of material.
Unit is collapsible down to 41 inches for compact returns or storage.
Reinforces crossbars.
Unit can be moved by pallet jack or forklift.
Upper assembly locks onto lower assembly for safety.
Trap door in the bottom of the container allows for easily regulating the flow of material.

44 pcs per truckload, posted price valid on truckload orders only.
Dimensions 57" x 45" x 65" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   New
Capacity (Volume) 436 Gallons / Cubic Yards
Mobility Forkliftable
Construction Material Plastic
Collapsible Collapsible
Lids No Lids
Dynamic Capacity 2500 lbs.
Weight 335 lbs.
Hopper or Silo Features Plastic

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