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MINIMUM ORDERS REQUIRED; 50 PIECE MINIMUM TYPICALLY - VARIES BY PRODUCT AD! From Plastic Barrels to Fiber Drums, we have a variety of options for your storage needs. Available in several different sizes, these containers can hold just about any type of material, from chemicals and oils to hazardous materials. 

Where can you find used fiber drums or reconditioned metal drums? You can find them right here. Container Exchanger trades in truckload quantities and LTL quantities of used and reconditioned plastic drums, fiber drums, metal drums, plastic barrels, and tanks. If you can't find the drums that fit your needs, post a want ad. Other companies and dealers often respond to these ads. We can notify you when something fitting your requirements becomes available.

Container Exchanger aims to improve the ease and efficiency with which companies can exchange large quantities of barrels and drums. For example, used food grade barrels that previously held food grade materials are perfect options for storing many other materials. Our marketplace offers both used and reconditioned drums for sale, which saves you money. With supplies located throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, we’ll help save money on freight too. Our list of available fiber, plastic, and metal barrels for sale can be found below. Inquire on one of the item pages and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you. See answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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New Drums - USED Metal 55 Gallon Closed Head Drums MI S005265
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USED Metal 55 Gallon Closed Head Drums MI
Condition: New
Drum Capacity: Gallons
Previous Use: Style:
100 $23.51
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Fiber and metal drums are versatile in that they are used for many varying applications. For example, these containers can be used to hold items such as water, glue, fertilizer, pesticides, and chemicals.

When shopping for used 55 gallon drums for sale, this is why it is so important to understand what it previously held. Different specifications are used to describe its former contents and you should choose a bottle accordingly.

  1. Unknown – This means the drum(s) had unidentifiable fluid contents prior to resale.
  2. Non-food grade – Typically a label used to describe a drum that held items such as chemical, paints, herbicides pesticide or other hazardous contents not meant for food applications.
  3. PREV-food grade – Previously held contents that were of food grade nature. Please note that this does not necessarily mean the items were safe for human consumption but the contents were of food grade quality. 

Construction Material

  1. Metal - Metal barrels are a strong and reusable option. Along with your business needs, they can be repurposed for outdoor trash cans and DIY projects.
  2. Plastic – Molded HDPE and impact resistant, plastic drums and blue plastic barrels will typically have a closed head and a screw top for filling purposes.
  3. Fiber – Since these shipping barrels for sale are made from a paper type material, they cannot be placed outside, as they are not resistant to the elements. Fiber drums typically have removable and replaced lids.
  4. Wood – Wood drums, such as old wine casks, are held together with metal bands, making them a durable option.

Whether your business needs call for a metal, fiber or plastic drum, turn to Container Exchanger for locating and selecting the drum that will provide the utmost storage and shipping capabilities for your specific contents. Our experts are here to help you not only locate barrels, but also are able to help you resell any drum(s) you no longer need back into the Container Exchanger network. We make it easy for you to post your fiber and plastic drums for sale!

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