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If you need storage for your heavy parts and manufactured goods that require safe and protective storage, you’ll find a solution to your business challenge here. Wire Baskets are an ideal solution, they often collapse and our customers enjoy the visibility they have to the contents of each container.  Container Exchanger simplifies the process of material handling and shipping with our easy to use Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers, Non-Collapsible Plastic Tubs, Metal Bins, and more.  Our bulk containers are extremely durable, heavy-duty (with some safely holding up to 2,500 pounds), infinitely reusable, easily repairable, and easy to ship and store. We have a large variety of options and sizes available in both new and used metal storage baskets, wire bins, and pallet containers to meet your business needs. 

With supplies located throughout the U.S. and Canada, we strive to keep your business viable with green solutions. We offer brand-name wire mesh containers including new or used Arca Xytec, Orbis, Ropak, and Buckhorn. 

Please browse or search our metal storage baskets and other wire baskets for sale below, click on an item of interest, and complete the inquiry form on the item page.  One of our knowledgeable sales reps will contact you to answer any questions and to provide a freight rate for our wire mesh storage bins and industrial wire storage baskets.

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Suggest Applications

While metal bins are solid-sided steel boxes, wire baskets are mesh and perfect for slightly lighter-duty uses. However, the majority of wire baskets are collapsible, so they are a great compact option for shipping and will save floor space in your warehouse and money on the return shipping costs.

Additionally, wire baskets offer a visibility factor that metal wire bins simply do not. Their mesh sides allow you to see through the container for optional warehouse storage and there are more drop door options. Pull the tabs on the drop door, the wall folds away, for easy in and out access of the basket.

  1. Manufactured goods and parts – These durable metal storage baskets are ideal for handling loads such as steel castings, metal castings, machine parts, high-density components, and other heavy-duty materials. Selecting the right container depends on the size and features that are ideal for your individual needs. You are sure to find the right basket for all your heavy-duty needs with all of Container Exchange’s size and model options.
  2. Scrap materials – Typically when dealing with scrap, you will want to empty the contents from the basket before you buy. You can empty your wire basket with a Gaylord dumper or by purchasing models that have fork tubes and rutters. The types of metal storage baskets with rutters or fork tubes allow you to dump the contents with a rotating for lift attachment. However, it is usually best to talk to one of our experts before deciding on the right model for you company’s needs.
  3. Tools and parts storage – If you are looking for storage options for items such as pneumatic air tools or bucking bars, consider wire baskets. These versatile and sturdy baskets make a great option for all your plant storage needs, as they are an infinitely reusable storage option that will provide your business with years of use. Our wire baskets can easily stack for compact storage. When you are ready to utilize the tools and parts in storage, you can effortlessly pull out and move the wire containers to the job site.
When searching for containers for sale that are infinitely reusable and provide an easy ship and method, trust Container Exchanger to supply all your business requirements. If you or your business calls for wire baskets, the professionals at Container Exchanger well help you locate and secure the perfect wire basket for all your needs.
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