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Stack & Nest Totes: New 23.5x15.5x12 180 Degree Stack/Nest Tote

Item Code S004857
Quantity Available 5000
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Price (ea) $13.60 *minimums, price tiers listed below
Additional Information Strong, high-density, industrial-grade polymers will not rust, corrode or bend out of shape even when fully loaded. Heavy-duty construction provides a longer service life resulting in lower replacement costs than alternative products. Nest and Stack Totes stack when full, turn 180 degrees, and nest when empty.

Minimum order 100

Less than 500 - Add $0.50
Container Brand
Dimensions 24" x 16" x 12" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition New
Construction Material
Lids Detached Lids Available
Capacity lbs.
Weight lbs.
Quantity per Skid 45
Tote Features

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