Industrial Totes: Plastic Nesting Bins & Stack and Nest Containers

Nesting totes are a reliable storing and shipping solution for many manufacturing industries or distribution centers. Designed to ease the work flow and save space, these industrial plastic storage containers work just as well when hand-held or on conveyors.

A space saving solution, these plastic nesting totes rarely contain internal dunnage, because that would prevent the tote boxes from nesting within each other. Plastic industrial totes are often made from HDPE, a very strong material that enables the containers to last for several years. However, wire mesh stainless steel, or fiberglass items are available too. All of our nesting storage containers and industrial plastic storage containers are durable, providing a cost-effective alternative to cardboard boxes.

Among the manufacturers of these industrial plastic storage containers are: Orbis, Buckhorn, Schaefer and Akro. Container Exchanger offers a full range of both new and used plastic and metal nesting totes suited for any needs or budget. With supplies located throughout North America, we’ll help save money on shipping costs too. Check out the list below to see out entire selection of nestable totes. Inquire on any of the nesting storage containers below and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you. See answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Image Item# Description Location(s) Quantity Price
Used Nesting Totes - 19x11x10 Plastic Mesh Totes 
Mixed Lot S004758
19x11x10 Plastic Mesh Totes Mixed Lot
Condition: Used
Dimensions: L19" X W11" x H9"
700 $2.75
Used Nesting Totes - Used 17x11x6 Metal Wash Baskets, 304 Stainless Steel S002459
Used 17x11x6 Metal Wash Baskets, 304 Stainless Steel
Condition: Used
Dimensions: L17" X W11" x H6"
500 $75.00
Used Nesting Totes - Used 12x10x10 3.5 gallon pail with removable lid and lever lock S4252
Used 12x10x10 3.5 gallon pail with removable lid and lever lock
Condition: Used
Dimensions: L10" X W12" x H10"
3000 $10.80
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