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Organizer Bins: New 20x15x12 Stak-N-Store Bins

Item Code   S002419
Quantity Available   10000
Container Brand Akro-Mils
Dimensions 20" x 15" x 12" (Length x Width x Height)
Condition   New
Construction Material Plastic
Weight lbs.
Quantity per Skid
Price (ea) $16.43
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Additional Information   Stak-N-Store Bins are heavy duty stackable storage containers designed to hold almost anything. Plastic storage bins stack to form tall, stable storage arrangements on floors or standard industrial shelving. Quality construction makes them virtually unbreakable.
75 lb. weight capacity.

Large radius corners and a curved upper lip add strength. Wide-hopper front allows easy access to bulky items. Side ribs insure stability when stacked. Large comfort grip handles.

Create a custom heavy duty storage system by using with shelving, Super-Size AkroBins, Nest & Stack Totes, and Attached Lid Containers.

Colors: Gray, Red, Blue, Clear* (*Clear bins cost additional)

Sold in lots of 3 pcs
Minimum order 24 pcs
Organizer Bin Features Plastic, Solid Walls, Solid Floor

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