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Used Gravity, Carton & Case Floor Racks

Pallet and carton flow racks are used to provide a FIFO method for accessing smaller materials. In general, humans load and unload the flow rack systems. Cartons or totes are placed in the flow rack from the back. The cartons can then roll down a bed of rollers until they are stopped by the front of the rack or by another box. Generally, dividers can be used to separate the used flow rack into rows and prevent boxes from overlapping. When deciding on a flow rack system, it is important to know the size of cartons you will be using, the weight of those cartons, and how much storage surface area is required.

At Container Exchanger, we specialize in used carton and gravity flow racks. We sell used ones throughout the nation, and, if your company discovers you have additional racks that you would like to sell, we can help you find a buyer as well. Please browse our selection of items below. When you find something you like, inquire on its page, and our rack experts will confirm its availability and quote freight prices for you.

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Image Item# Description Quantity Price
Used Flow Racks - unarco k pick carton flow ES010316
unarco k pick carton flow
Condition: Used
Dimensions: 60" W x 120" D x " H
0 $40.00
Used Flow Racks - 1250 feet of Pallet Flow Conveyor RS000021
1250 feet of Pallet Flow Conveyor
Condition: Used
Dimensions: 9" W x 120" D x " H
0 Inquire for Price
Used Flow Racks - Used Kingway Carton Flow Rack, 64" wide x 137" deep RS000052
Used Kingway Carton Flow Rack, 64" wide x 137" deep
Condition: Used
Dimensions: 64" W x 137" D x " H
0 $0.00
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New and Used Gravity Flow, Pallet Flow, & Carton Flow Racking Systems for Sale.  Use these racks for a FIFO storage system. Achieve 5S in your warehouse using flow rack from Container Exchanger.
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