Uprights: Looking for Used Uprights

Item Code   EW010371
Condition Desired This is the condition, either New, Used, or Refurbished that the buyer desires to purchase.
Brand Desired This is the brand of rack that has been requested. If you don't know your brand of rack, it may still work for the buyer, just be sure to disclose all details. Interlake
Style Needed The style indicates the way in which the beams and uprights lock into each other. Some styles, like a teardrop are universal and some manufacturers have their own bespoke style of fitment. The listed style type is what this buyer has requested. Teardrop
Quantity Needed This is the quantity of uprights that have been requested.
Upright Dimensions This is the size of Rack Upright that has been requested. 300" High x 42" Deep
Capacity Needed This is the amount of weight holding capacity desired by the buyer. lbs.
Location Desired This is the Ship To location for this item. With Container Exchanger, the buyers pay all freight costs. Virginia - VA, USA
Additional Information  

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