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Beams: 3-Pin Beam Connector with Safety Clip

Item Code   ES010650
Quantity Available   5000
Dimensions " x " (Length x Height)
Style Teardrop
Condition New
Capacity lbs.
Weight 1.3 lbs.
Price $1.26
Location Texas ; South Carolina ; California - TX ; SC ; CA, USA ; USA ; USA
Additional Information   3-Pin Beam Connector with Safety Clip; Available for Sizes: 48", 96", 108", 120", 144" with Capacities from 1773 lbs. to 10,500 lbs.; Powder coat orange. Available to ship from South Carolina, Texas, and California.

Application: Beams are connected to the uprights using a 3-pin or 4-pin teardrop connector. Beam connectors drop into the teardrop slots of the pallet upright locking it into place. Safety clips may be added to prevent the release pins from engaging.

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