Pallet Rack Baseplates (or Footplates)

Achieve complete pallet racking balance and stability with baseplates also referred to as footplates. These rectangular metal plates are based at the foot of an upright frame; providing surface area and stability. Baseplates should always be anchored at the floor and is an essential aspect of responsible and safe pallet rack usage. Helps to prevent racking from being tipped in either direction from the impacts that occur during loading and unloading. Varying dimensions available. Buy individual parts or a complete racking system. These most common pallet rack accessories can help you utilize your racking to its fullest.

Save money and time with our one stop shop for all of your pallet racking needs! We offer a large selection of new and used rack components and accessories. Replacing an existing rack system? We buy used pallet rack systems! ExchangerHub broker deals for sellers located across North America. Our inventory includes established industry brands such as Spectrum, Steel King, Ridg-U-Rack, Interlake, Teardrop, T-Bolt, Structural Racking, and others. To buy or sell, contact one of our industrial racking experts at (888) 551-5528 or complete an inquiry form below.

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