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Plastic Pallets: New 48" x 40" Plastic Pallets - RACKABLE, 2nd Quality

Item Code   S003998
Quantity Available  
Location Ohio - OH, USA
Price (ea) $36.00
Additional Information   Combining strength and economy into a lightweight one-piece pallet. Take advantage of some slight defects in this brand new pallet for a cheaper price.

Price listed is for truckload orders (522 pallets)
Add $5 each for orders 10pcs-100pcs
Add $3.50 each for orders 101pcs-200pcs
Add $2 each for orders 201pcs-419pcs
Minimum order is (10) pallets.
Dimensions 48" x 40" x 6" (Length x Width x Height)
Pallet Footprint 48" x 40"
Condition New
Static Capacity 25000 lbs
Dynamic Capacity 5000 lbs
Racking Capacity 2200 lbs
Weight 35 lbs
Quantity per Skid 15
Pallet Features Mesh Top Deck, Stackable, Rackable, 4-Way Entry
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  • New Plastic Pallets - New 48

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