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Plastic Pallets: New 24 x 40 Half Plastic

Item Code   S004097
Quantity Available   1000
Location Location California - CA, USA
Price (ea) Price (ea) $60.18
Additional Information   2000 pallets fit on a 53' trailer.

Minimum orders of 100. Manufacturer will not release less than 100 pallets for any orders.

These Half Plastic Pallet has a molded plastic deck which uses a rugged, impact-resistant, high-density polyethylene (HDPE) resin which is ideally suited for harsh, cold temperature storage and repeated movement between ambient and chilled environments. Deck reinforcements provide support and stability by equally distributing the load throughout the deck and legs. The Half Plastic Pallet dimensions have been optimized to easily fit through doorways and tight aisles commonly encountered with convenient store and DSD deliveries. The highly nestable Half Plastic Pallet takes up little storage space when empty in the warehouse, trailers or backroom. In addition, the Half Plastic Pallet is ideally suited for building in-store displays.

Half Plastic Pallet allows moving product picking to the source — the production facility or distribution center, not at the retail store front. Individual store orders can be placed onto the Half Plastic Pallet and efficiently loaded by forklift into a transport trailer. Delivery drivers now have a true one-touch system reducing the number of movements required for each store. By picking product at the warehouse level, more SKU’s can be efficiently handled and delivered from one truck. Productivity is further increased because more stops can be made per day which will reduce the number of routes required to deliver the same amount of goods.
Brand Brand Other
Dimensions Dimensions 24" x 41" x 6" (Length x Width x Height)
Pallet Footprint Pallet Footprint Other
Condition Condition New
Static Capacity Static Capacity lbs
Dynamic Capacity Dynamic Capacity 2000 lbs
Racking Capacity Racking Capacity lbs
Weight Weight 14 lbs
Quantity per Skid Quantity per Skid
Pallet Features Pallet Features
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  • New Plastic Pallets - New 24 x 40 Half Plastic

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