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Save Thousands on New Returnable Packaging Fleets.
Buy through Container Exchanger to Reduce Program Startup Costs.

Container Exchanger is dedicated to the sale and resale of used reusable packaging and containers. We resell pallet containers, metal bins, totes, plastic skids, and gaylords throughout the nation. When your company needs containers, such as Orbis totes or Ropak and Arca brand pallet containers - MINIMIZE your investment with Container Exchanger. We routinely save companies thousand upon thousands of dollars when dealing with used packaging.

Wasting Money Doing Business the OLD Way.

In the old economy, manufacturers needed to sell their used packaging to a liquidator. The liquidators have lots of overhead - large buildings, material handling equipment, several employees, and extra transportation costs. Manufacturers had little choice, because only the liquidators had the CONNECTIONS to resell the packaging at appropriate prices (more on the connections later). However, to help pay for all this overhead and expertise, the liquidators charge HUGE mark-ups (We're talking 100%+ margins here) when selling used containers.

Use the Internet to YOUR Advantage.

Thankfully, the world has changed. The Internet provides a forum, where you, the buyer, can reach the seller without all the additional overhead from liquidators. Why should you pay for their inefficiencies? Now, the buyers have the power. Through Container Exchanger, you have the CONNECTIONS to others who sell the packaging. Think about it for a minute. Eliminate the overhead associated with a large sales staff, eliminate the warehouses, stop transporting the product so many times... there is LOTS and LOTS of money to be saved here. And the best part: You and Your Company benefit from the savings.

Continuously Decreasing Costs.

Manufacturing companies face serious competition. Customers are continually seeking to decrease your prices through negotiations and reverse auctions. Overseas companies have lower cost structures from (their) government subsidies. Additionally, they have a practically unlimited supplies of cheap labor. The downward pressure on profit margins is limitless! In manufacturing, if you're not decreasing costs, you're dead in the water. But, decreasing costs is NOT limited to operations. You can save money in new and creative ways.

Save Money With Container Exchanger.

Maintain your company's cost cutting competitive edge. Cost savings can be achieved during program startups too. Realize cost savings by purchasing a used packaging fleet. Use Container Exchanger's network of sellers to minimize your packaging investement.



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