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Advantages of Large Linen Carts
Posted On: Jul-21-2014 - Edited On: Jul-21-2014
The linen cart is one of the most useful and versatile pieces of equipment being used in many different industries.

Agriculture Containers: Harvesting Totes and Produce Bins
Posted On: Jul-16-2014 - Edited On: Jul-16-2014
Find produce boxes, harvesting totes and agriculture containers here.

Insulated Containers for Fish Farming
Posted On: Jul-15-2014 - Edited On: Jul-15-2014
Container Exchanger offers new and used insulated containers for sale for fish farmers who are looking for quality insulated containers to raise and transport fish in.

3 Different Ways to use IBC Totes
Posted On: Jun-30-2014 - Edited On: Oct-06-2016
IBC tanks can be used to contain and transport any one of a wide variety of liquids including many different types of liquid foods, medicines, gasoline and other flammables.

Use Metal Bins for Waste Oil Collection
Posted On: Jun-25-2014 - Edited On: Jun-25-2014
Purchasing custom metal bins is easily the best and most economical business decision for recycling used yellow restaurant cooking grease, along the burnt brown grease in some situations.

Used Super Sack Brand Bags Offer Flexible Transportation and Storage Options
Posted On: Jun-24-2014 - Edited On: Jun-24-2014
Used Super Sack brand bags are extremely flexible containers than can be used to store and transport a wide variety of materials such as powders, plastics and other hard to contain materials.

Buying Used Bulk Containers is Cost Effective and Eco-Friendly
Posted On: Jun-18-2014 - Edited On: Jun-18-2014
Used bulk containers can be very useful to businesses looking for an economical way to store or dispose of large amounts of stuff.

Use Metal Pallets for Heavy Items
Posted On: Jun-16-2014 - Edited On: Jun-16-2014
When it comes to storing and transporting heavy items, metal pallets are the ideal solution.

Learn How Bakery Trays can Improve Your Transport of Baked Goods
Posted On: Jun-10-2014 - Edited On: Jun-10-2014
Bakery trays are a lightweight, open-top and stackable container.

Stack Racks
Posted On: Jun-09-2014 - Edited On: Jun-09-2014
Read about stack racks and locate stacks available at Container Exchanger here.

Cash for Used Wood Pallets?
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Container Exchanger offers a new unique marketplace to buy and sell used wood pallets.

Collapsible Containers – A Reusable Packaging Nirvana
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Collapsible plastic and metal containers offer durability and convenient storage options.

Container Exchanger Shows Value of Reusable Bulk Bags
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Bulk bags, also known as FIBCs or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers are made from durable plastic and are woven together to create a long lasting item.

Container Exchanger Shows Value of Reusable Metal Pallets
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Metal pallets are virtually unbreakable, easily cleaned and recyclable.

Finding and Selecting Used Storage Racks for Your Warehouse
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Used Storage Racks are an essential use for warehouse facilities of all sizes and designs, particularly if you have pallet storage needs.

Green and Economical Inventory Control - Wire & Wire Mesh Containers
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Wire containers & wire mesh containers are very durable & provide the user with the ability for quick content visibility of the wire container, along with easy identification for inventory control.

Recycle and Save: Benefits of Used Collapsible Bulk Boxes and Collapsible Plasti
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Collapsible Bulk Boxes, such as Collapsible Plastic Boxes, are industry staples used for storage and shipping, in retail and business-to-business companies.

Save Money and Space with Knock Down Plastic Containers
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Plastic knock down containers are reusable, space-efficient and can be shipped or stored more economically when collapsed.

Store your Liquids, Powders and Food Items in IBC Totes
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
You can re-purpose used containers or locate hard-to-find options that fit your needs perfectly.

Used Drive-in Racks for Efficient Warehouse Storage
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Used Drive-in racks can be an essential use for warehouse facilities of all sizes and designs.

Used Pallet Racking a Smart Storage Option
Posted On: May-30-2014 - Edited On: May-30-2014
Useful tips for purchasing a used pallet rack system.

Applications of Insulated Shipping Containers for Sale
Posted On: May-23-2014 - Edited On: May-23-2014
You probably have seen insulated shipping containers for sale but have not yet comprehended what they are or what they are used for.

How to Use Security Carts to Transport Food & Beverages
Posted On: May-20-2014 - Edited On: May-20-2014
Security carts are an extremely versatile storage and distribution container you can use for moving materials from one place to another and provide a safe and secure storage solution.

Used Stack Racks for Automotive Tires
Posted On: May-15-2014 - Edited On: May-15-2014
Stack racks allow companies to take advantage of available vertical space in their warehouses while ensuring that employees can keep the warehouse organized.

The Many Uses of Organizer Bins
Posted On: May-14-2014 - Edited On: May-14-2014
Organizer bins are constructed from high quality plastic that offer sturdy yet lightweight storage solutions.

One Small Change Creating a Huge Impact on Packaging Waste
Posted On: May-13-2014 - Edited On: May-15-2014
An infographic on the huge challenge that packaging and container waste creates for our global economy & suggestions on industrial improvements to reduce those wastes.

How Nesting Totes Can Be Used for Worm Farming
Posted On: May-08-2014 - Edited On: May-08-2014
Nesting totes provide the perfect solution for your worm farming needs.

The Advantages and Many Benefits of Stacking Totes
Posted On: May-05-2014 - Edited On: May-05-2014
These containers are distinguished by their small size and straight walls, which are ideal for housing plastic parts and tools.

New & Used Gaylord Boxes
Posted On: May-01-2014 - Edited On: Jun-23-2014
Here you will find information about all the Gaylord Boxes available through Container Exchanger.

Top 4 Industries That Use Gaylord Boxes
Posted On: May-01-2014 - Edited On: May-01-2014
When it comes to finding one of the most cost effective and useful containers for businesses in just about any industry, most companies will tell you that they cant live without gaylord boxes.

The Big Benefits to Buying Used Bulk Containers Instead of New
Posted On: Apr-25-2014 - Edited On: Apr-25-2014
Whether your company uses metal storage containers, bulk containers or industrial bins, purchasing these bins upfront and reusing them is much more cost-effective.

What Can Metal Containers Be Used For?
Posted On: Apr-17-2014 - Edited On: Apr-17-2014
For companies seeking a lightweight and durable shipping solution, look no further than used metal containers.

Discover the Many Advantages of Using a “Super Sack” Brand Bulk Bag
Posted On: Apr-16-2014 - Edited On: Apr-16-2014
Individuals looking for bulk bags neednt look beyond basic designs, and those looking for used brands should look at a used Super Sack brand for sale.

Wire Baskets Offer Versatile Yet Strong Shipping Container Solutions
Posted On: Apr-15-2014 - Edited On: Apr-15-2014
Wire Baskets are sturdy storage containers that are constructed out of heavy duty wire mesh.

The Benefits of Using a Stack Rack
Posted On: Apr-14-2014 - Edited On: Apr-14-2014
A stack rack is a storage container that features a pallet and four vertical side posts.

Discover the Many Advantages of Using Plastic Pallets
Posted On: Apr-10-2014 - Edited On: Apr-10-2014
If you plan to use plastic pallets for moving or transporting materials, ensure that the pallet you are using has the structure needed to properly support the weight of your shipment.

Used IBC Totes for Lower Shipping and Storage Costs
Posted On: Apr-09-2014 - Edited On: Apr-09-2014
IBC totes and tanks are containers designed for the purpose of storing and transporting liquids and fluids safely and in compliance with established regulatory guidelines.

Shipping Goods with the Help of Used Wood Crates
Posted On: Apr-08-2014 - Edited On: Apr-08-2014
A crate is a type of shipping container that is used to carry large and uneven shaped items from one location to another.

Used Wood Pallets - Cost-effective Solutions for Bulk Shipment of Goods
Posted On: Apr-07-2014 - Edited On: Apr-07-2014
When companies make a bulk shipment of goods, they must find a convenient and affordable way to ship those items from one location to another.

Wire Baskets - Metal Bulk Containers
Posted On: Apr-03-2014 - Edited On: May-05-2014
Here you will find information about wire baskets and all of the metal bulk containers available through Container Exchanger.

What Can Aluminum Pallets Be Used For?
Posted On: Apr-03-2014 - Edited On: Apr-03-2014
Selecting the correct materials for a storage or shipping container is important in preserving the items that will be placed in the containers.

Why Use Food Grade Totes?
Posted On: Apr-01-2014 - Edited On: Apr-01-2014
Food grade totes are used in the manufacturing and transport of mass produced foods.

How to Find the Right Bulk Container for Your Merchandise?
Posted On: Mar-26-2014 - Edited On: Mar-26-2014
When industries, factories, and other production units want to store their products, they opt for bulk storage solutions so that more items can be stored in the least amount of space possible.

Industrial Drums - How Important Are They?
Posted On: Mar-21-2014 - Edited On: Mar-21-2014
Container drums have been in use since ancient times when clay drums and oak barrels were used to store a host of items.

Discover the Difference Made with Bulk Size Insulated Containers
Posted On: Mar-14-2014 - Edited On: Mar-14-2014
Large bulk size insulated containers constructed from food grade plastics and materials are ideal for storing, shipping and displaying fish and other food items that must be kept cold.

Metal Bins - Steel Tubs
Posted On: Mar-11-2014 - Edited On: Mar-11-2014
Here you can find information about metal bins.

Advantages of Purchasing Used Stack Racks as Storage Solutions
Posted On: Mar-11-2014 - Edited On: Mar-11-2014
Stack Racks are one of the most commonly used and flexible stacking and shelving solution available in the storage industry.

Used Plastic Nesting Shipping Totes Are the Perfect Solution for Shipping Produc
Posted On: Mar-07-2014 - Edited On: Mar-07-2014
For companies or businesses that need to safely ship products or materials, shipping totes are a popular method of transport.

Selecting Used Bulk Bags for Storage and Transportation of Goods
Posted On: Mar-06-2014 - Edited On: Mar-06-2014
If you are looking for a flexible bulk container that can store and transport dry products from one place to another; opt for a bulk bag.

Stacking Totes – Straight Wall Totes
Posted On: Mar-05-2014 - Edited On: Mar-05-2014
Stackable industrial totes can be used for shipping or storing specialized products, especially in manufacturing.

Container Exchanger Provides Laundry Carts That Make Laundry Tasks Easier
Posted On: Mar-04-2014 - Edited On: Mar-04-2014
By utilizing Laundry Carts, the individual or group of people that are conducting loads of laundry can benefit from having an easier time in doing so.

Used Gaylord Boxes Are An Economical Way to Store and Transport Goods
Posted On: Feb-27-2014 - Edited On: Feb-27-2014
Gaylord boxes are made from 100% recyclable materials, which means that the use of these containers is not only beneficial to the company, but to the Earth as well.

IBC Tanks for use in Aquaponics
Posted On: Feb-24-2014 - Edited On: Feb-24-2014
One of the most interesting uses of IBC tanks is aquaponics. Aquaponics is a food production system that occurs when aquatic animals are raised along with cultivated aquatic plants.

How Industrial Totes Can Help You Organize Your Warehouse
Posted On: Feb-24-2014 - Edited On: Feb-24-2014
In todays specialized retail sector, industrial totes allow companies to maintain organization while maximizing efficiency.

Benefits of Plastic Pallets for Goods Transportation
Posted On: Feb-17-2014 - Edited On: Feb-17-2014
Nearly all shipping and manufacturing companies use either wooden or plastic pallets for the transportation of merchandise. Here are the top 5 benefits.

Types of Used Plastic Totes
Posted On: Feb-17-2014 - Edited On: Feb-17-2014
Production units and manufacturing facilities used totes to transport heavy equipment and products from one part of the facility to another.

Quick Facts about IBC Containers
Posted On: Feb-11-2014 - Edited On: Feb-11-2014
Being widely used by food and other manufacturing industries, IBCs are perfect for the storage and shipment of liquid substance.

Bulk Bags - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers
Posted On: Feb-07-2014 - Edited On: Feb-07-2014
This is a listing of the bulk bags available through Container Exchanger.

IBC Totes – IBC Containers Available
Posted On: Jan-30-2014 - Edited On: Feb-05-2014
Here you will find all IBC Containers available at Container Exchanger.

All Bulk Containers - Pallet Containers
Posted On: Jan-30-2014 - Edited On: Feb-05-2014
Here you will find all sizes of new and used pallet containers available at Container Exchanger.

Used Stack Racks Take Warehouse Storage Vertical
Posted On: Jan-27-2014 - Edited On: Jan-27-2014
Stack Racks are a collection of metal rails and pallet frames that are designed to allow companies to maximize storage space in a warehouse setting by creating vertical storage solutions.

The Benefits of Used Wire Baskets
Posted On: Jan-23-2014 - Edited On: Jan-23-2014
Today, many companies are taking advantage of the significant savings with used wire baskets. With these savings, companies increase their bottom line.

Wooden Shipping Crates Offer an Inexpensive Storage Container
Posted On: Jan-14-2014 - Edited On: Jan-14-2014
Wooden shipping crates offer businesses an economical way to not only ship bulk material, including raw materials and finished products; they are also an effective bulk storage solution.

How to Find Used Plastic Pallets for Sale
Posted On: Jan-09-2014 - Edited On: Jan-09-2014
Plastic pallets can offer businesses a cost-effective option for their shipping needs.

The Advantages of Used Bulk Bags
Posted On: Jan-06-2014 - Edited On: Feb-07-2014
Maximize your investment with savings of used bulk bags rather than new ones.

All About Used Pallet Containers
Posted On: Jan-02-2014 - Edited On: Feb-05-2014
Used pallet containers offer significant savings in upfront costs when compared to the price of new pallet containers

Used Gaylord Boxes for sale: Benefits to Business that Want to Go Green
Posted On: Dec-31-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
While you can buy new Gaylord boxes for sale, there are several benefits for businesses and entrepreneurs when you buy second hand boxes.

Working With Wood Pallets
Posted On: Dec-18-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Wood pallets are one of the most popular tools available for moving merchandise in bulk.

Posted On: Dec-11-2013 - Edited On: Feb-05-2014
IBC Totes, sometimes known by their full name of Intermediate Bulk Containers, are a large-capacity form of storage mainly used for safely transporting and dispensing liquids.

Commercial Laundry Carts
Posted On: Dec-09-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Laundry carts are the must-have essentials that the hospitality industry cannot do without.

Portable Racks Replace the Traditional Pallet
Posted On: Dec-05-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Portable racks are a reusable product made from metal and are an excellent replacement from the wood pallet.

Super Sacks are the Ideal Transportation and Storage Solution for Dry Goods
Posted On: Dec-03-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Super Sacks are the ideal transportation containers for companies that need a bulk packaging solution for their dry goods.

Wire Baskets Come in all Shapes and Sizes for a Variety of Applications
Posted On: Nov-25-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Wire baskets come in all sizes and different styles. With drop gates, these practical storage containers can easily be collapsed, stacked and stored neatly in any facility.

How to Save Money by Buying Used Wire Bulk Containers Online
Posted On: Nov-20-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Buying used wire containers is a great way to save money and time, as well as to be more environmentally friendly.

Why Buying Used Gaylords Boxes is a Great Alternative to New
Posted On: Oct-23-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Gaylords are an extremely valuable asset, they help transfer bulk materials from company to company. Container Exchanger helps companies buy and sell their used Gaylord boxes, find out how.

Slash Your Businesss Shipping Costs by Using Used Wooden Crates
Posted On: Oct-22-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Wooden crates can be a very expensive item. When built from scratch, they can cost hundreds of dollars. Container Exchanger helps companies save money by offering used wooden crates.

The Big Benefits to Buying Used Bulk Containers Instead of New
Posted On: Oct-22-2013 - Edited On: Feb-05-2014
Bulk Containers are a very handy shipping and storage item. Container Exchanger buys and sell both New and Used Bulk Containers.

New Collapsible Wire Baskets are a Great Solution for Saving Money
Posted On: Jul-23-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
New Collapsible Wire Baskets are invaluable as a warehouse storage and shipping container. Container Exchanger offers you a one stop shop, we carry new wire baskets in stock and ready to ship.

The Versatile Use of Metal Bins and Why Every Warehouse Needs Them
Posted On: Jun-28-2013 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Metal Bins and Metal Tubs are a versatile storage option for manufacturing companies, your facility will be more efficient when you have metal bins.

Pallet Containers and Warehousing - The important details you should know
Posted On: Jun-21-2013 - Edited On: Jan-30-2014
Pallet Containers are a fantastic tool for your warehousing operation. Theyre extremely durable, flexible, storage option.

Now Buying Scrap Containers and Scrap HDPE Plastic
Posted On: Sep-16-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Container Exchanger is NOW BUYING scrap collapsible bulk containers and totes outright! Call or email us to sell your scrap plastic today.

Container Exchanger wins Supply and Demand Chain Executive Green Award
Posted On: Sep-16-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This editorial article outlines why Container Exchanger won a Green Supply Chain Supplier Award. Visit Container Exchanger and make your companys packaging more environmentally friendly.

Reuse It Or Lose It - Food Manufacturing Magazine
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Food Manufacturing Magazine, the preiminent resource for food manufacturing companies highlights the use of reusable packaging and how Container Exchanger can help with your packaging costs.

The Pros and Cons of Reusable Packaging - Plastics Business
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Plastics Business, an editorial publication analyzes the pros and cons of reusable packaging and interviews David Madden, the President of Container Exchanger.

Reducing Landfill Waste with Returnable Packaging
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
How much landfill waste can be conserved by using Returnable Packaging? Have an environmental impact by first learning about, then using Returnable Packaging in your operations.

Reusable Container Online Marketplace - Material Handling Management
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
How much landfill waste can be conserved by using Returnable Packaging? Have an environmental impact by first learning about, then using Returnable Packaging in your operations.

Reusable Packaging Promoted by Governements
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
In recent years, progressive governments and municipalities worldwide have been boosting their efforts in promoting the use of reusable packaging.

Reusable Containers: Clever, Cost-Effective, Convenient
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This insightful article on REUSABLE CONTAINERS contains a case study with a $2 million payback. Also outlined are pallet pooling options, and a study that was conducted by

Customer Success Story - TRW Automotive
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
When mandated with the task of reducing over plant costs, TRW Automotive turned Container Exchanger to source used returnable packaging. The result was quick turn around, professional service.

Choose the Right Gaylord Box for your application
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This video details features and selection criteria for used gaylord boxes purchased through Container Exchanger.

Pallet Container Selection
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-30-2014
This video details features and specifications of Pallet Containers that can be purchased through Container Exchanger.

CFOs Looking for Bottom-Line Impacts Choose Returnable Packaging -
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This aricle, featured on highlights returnable packaging benefits from a CFO standpoint. Container Exchanger and their role in used returnable packaging distribution is mentioned.

Friendly and Affordable - Making the Case for Returnable Packaging - Business Ex
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This feature article, from Business Excellence magazine highlights costs savings achieved through the used of Returnable Packaging. Also covered, is used returnable packaging, and Container Exchanger.

Returnable Packaging - The Next Phase of Lean -
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This article, published on discusses various forms of returnable container and also mentions Container Exchanger and Container Exchangers service offerings.

Used Plastic Pallets for Export
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Used plastic pallets are an excellent way for companies to save money. Especially suited for export and manufacturing purposes, plastic pallets are sturdy, durable, and they do not need heat treatment

Used Bulk Containers
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of bulk containers. Here we detail the difference between plastic bulk containers, metal bulk containers, and cardboard bulk containers.

Plastic Gaylord Boxes
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Find information on Plastic Gaylord Boxes. Specifications, descriptions, and more, as well as information on purchasing Used Plastic Gaylords.

Wire Mesh Baskets
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Wire Mesh Baskets are an excellent option for your warehouse, manufacturing, or distribution business. If you need wire baskets for shipping or storage, check here for information.

10 Ways to Save Money on Carts and Racks
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
This short article discusses tools and method you can use to save big dollars on your carts and racks.

How to Save Money on Custom Dunnage
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Custom dunnage is used to protect your valuable parts during transportation. Plastic dividers and foam can be used to protect those parts, check here for tips on ordering custom dunnage.

Collapsible Container
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Collapsible Containers are available in a variety of materials. At Container Exchanger, we offer plastic collapsible containers, metal collapsible containers, and Gaylord containers.

Bulk Storage Bins
Posted On: Nov-24-2011 - Edited On: Jan-06-2014
Learn all about different kinds of bulk storage bins. Metal, Plastic, and Cardboard bulk bins are included.

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