Used Rigid Wire Baskets

Industrial wire baskets can be used as storage containers for manufactured goods, or they can be used as small metal shipping containers to ship heavy product over long distances. Mesh sided baskets are truly flexible in their application, whether you’re shipping brand new castings or collect scrap materials, a used wire basket is a great heavy-duty storage option.
Some of the options for these metal storage bins are: collapsible or rigid, drop doors, stackable, heavy-duty load capacity, and the size of the container. Certain sized industrial wire baskets are also referred to as metal bulk containers, expanded metal containers and automotive baskets.

The wire mesh version of the bulk container can be collapsible, but quite often, these metal storage bins are rigid. These wire mesh baskets are used extensively in industrial applications and they can stand up to quite a bit of abuse. You will find the rigid wire baskets are more durable (and more expensive) than collapsible wire mesh baskets. Due to the square tube steel construction for the corner posts, they can handle more weight and they are generally easier to stack. By comparison, the collapsible wire baskets can be quite strong, but they are slightly easier to damage, and they are not as sturdy when stacked. Wire baskets are a nice way to handle parts within a manufacturing environment.
On this page you will find all used rigid wire baskets available through Container Exchanger or you can go directly to one of the used wire basket links here:
54x44 Used Rigid Metal Bulk Containers
53x48 Used Rigid Metal Bulk Containers
48x33 Used Rigid Metal Bulk Containers

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004727 Used 58x45x39 Rigid Gray Wire Baskets - Stackable $480.00 78 OH, USA
S004186 Used 58x45x35 Solid Sided Baskets - Stackable $175.00 316 ON, Canada
S004178 Used 40x34.5x32 Wire Baskets $145.00 286 ON, Canada
S005081 Used 80x48x34 Wire Baskets w. 1 drop door $300.00 50 OH, USA
S005023 Used 53x48x40 (Outside Dimensions) Rigid Wire Baskets with Drop Doors $190.00 62 OH, USA
S004990 Used 40x28x23 approx, 36x24x17 (Inside Dimensions) Rigid Wire Baskets - Stackable $50.00 18 SC, USA
S004967 Used 96x44x50 Rigid Wire Baskets - 2 drop door $345.00 82 OH, USA
S004741 Used 45 x 28.75 x 38.75 Wire Baskets $330.00 105 OH, USA
S004721 Used 45x39x27 Rigid Wire Baskets with dunnage - Stackable $140.00 74 OH, USA
S004687 Used 75x44x45 Wire Baskets $299.00 45 OH, USA
S004177 Used 67x54x49 Wire Baskets with Drop Doors $281.25 60 ON, Canada
S004176 Used 53x48x40 Wire Baskets with Droop Doors $350.00 72 ON, Canada
S003928 USED 45X29X26 WIRE MESH BASKETS $162.50 16 OH, USA
S003893 USED 82x48x48 H.D. Wire Mesh Baskets No drop gates $240.00 40 OH, USA
S003834 Used 68x48x23 Metal Bins $343.75 172 OH, USA
S003833 Used 60x48x42 Metal Bins $465.00 77 OH, USA
S003832 Used 59x48x32 Metal Bins $368.75 234 OH, USA
S003681 USED 67x54x50 HIGH WIRE MESH BINS $318.75 24 OH, USA
S003610 Used 59x49x33 rigid baskets $343.75 234 OH, USA
S003513 Used 108x44x32 Wire Baskets- Rigid $443.75 100 OH, USA
1-20, 29 total listings       [1]  2 
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