Used Plastic Bins

Used plastic bins are often used between facilities to transport smaller parts, or they can be used within facilities to hold and transport work in process. Also included in this category are organization store room totes, food trays, bakery trays, nesting totes, stacking only totes, and totes that can both be stacked on each other or nested together, which are often used to stock retail shelves.  No matter what your applications may be, used plastic bins are a very versatile and protective option. All the used plastic bins listed here are small enough to be lifted by hand.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S002846 Used 20x12x11 Corn Crates $0.75 7000 IL, USA
S003245 Used 24x20x13 Bail Totes $10.00 30000 CA, USA
S004758 19x11x10 Plastic Mesh Totes Mixed Lot $2.75 700 CA, USA
S004730 Used Orbis 24x22x11 Stacking Bins $6.93 477 OH, USA
S004702 Used 24x18x8 Nesting Totes $6.00 3000 IN, USA
S004701 Used 21x15x10 Collapsible Stacking Totes $6.00 5500 TX, USA
S004677 USED 21.5x15.5x13 STACK AND NEST TOTES WITH ATTACHED LID $8.00 500 ON, Canada
S004668 New Vented Bale Arm Agriculture Totes AF21 24x20x13, Choice of Colors $15.00 2500 CA, USA
S004644 Used 24x15x11 Straight Wall Stacking Totes, Grey $2.50 1050 MN, USA
S004623 Used 15.75x11.75x8 Stacking Tote with Lids $5.00 500 GA, USA
S004619 Used 24x17x12 Attached Lid Stack and Nest Totes $18.00 3500 FL, USA
S004611 Used 24x15x7 Stacking Totes $6.25 3935 IN, USA
S004609 Used 12x15x9 Stacking Totes $5.63 2650 IN, USA
S004608 Used 24x22x11 Stacking Totes $10.00 160
S004599 Used 23x16x9 Vented Stacking Totes $6.00 5000 IL, USA
S004560 USED TOTES 16.5 X 14.5 X 9.5 H $8.00 4000 ON, Canada
S004553 Used 12x15x4 Stacking Totes $6.41 700 ON, Canada
S004528 Used 46x15x11 Stacking Totes $16.90 86 TX, USA
S004527 Used 48x15x7 Stacking Totes $8.95 358 TX, USA
S004502 Used 21x15x10 Collapsible Stacking Totes $8.70 6000 TX, USA
1-20, 194 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 
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