Used Non-Food Grade Totes

Minimum Quantity Requirement for IBC Totes; 12 pieces minimum typically - varies by seller (minimums stated in each product ad). Industrial IBC Totes, also known as IBC Tanks or IBC Containers, are used to store or transport a wide range of fluid products including food, pharmaceuticals, flammables, corrosives and many others. At Container Exchanger, you can find a wide variety of IBC tanks – from new totes to reconditioned ones. You can also find used non-reconditioned industrial containers, which can be used for waste materials. 

ibc containers

At Container Exchanger, we specialize in saving your company money by providing access to quality used pallet containers. Instantly save up to 40% buying used material handling for storage and shipping! Review available inventory below and complete the "INQUIRE NOW" form

  • When reviewing products, look for the minimum quantity required for purchase
  • The per item price does not include freight costs (we can handle the freight & logistics for an additional fee OR you can arrange your own freight).
  • We represent sellers across North America; we've partnered with dozens of freight carriers across the continent.

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Sale Ads
Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S002145 Used 275 gallon IBC totes - non food grade $34.50 8 OH, USA
S002944 Used 275 Gallon Totes- Non food grade OH $60.90 60 OH, USA
S002699 Reconditioned 275 gallon IBC Totes- $87.50 300 ON, Canada
S005745 USED 275 Gallon UNRINSED IBC TOTES TX $30.00 78 TX, USA
S4350 275 Gallon IBC Totes - Non Food Grade $55.00 120 TX, USA
S005394 330 Gallon Non Food Grade IBC totes GA $98.40 60 GA, USA
S005890 330 gallon reconditioned totes OH $176.40 60 OH, USA
S005889 275 gallon reconditioned totes OH $106.25 60 OH, USA
S005886 Used 275 gal IBC Totes - non-food grade $70.00 150 CO, USA
S005867 Assorted group of USED 275 gallon IBC totes. $62.10 60 IN, USA
S005841 330 gal schutz totes, non-food grade $93.75 30 CA, USA
S005840 275 gal schutz totes - non food grade $77.00 60 CA, USA
S005798 USED 330 gallon totes MI $62.50 8 MI, USA
S005797 USED 275 Gallon IBC Tote CA $87.50 30 CA, USA
S005623 275 Gallon IBC TOTES - USED LA $40.00 12 LA, USA
S005504 One Time Use,IBC 330 gal $125.00 60 ON, Canada
S005488 Used 275 Gallon IBC totes MI Non Food $125.00 20 MI, USA
S005465 Non Food Grade Used IBC MN $56.00 20 MN, USA
S005434 Used non food unrinsed IBC Totes AL $37.50 300 AL, USA
1-20, 109 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5  6 
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