Used Gaylords with Full Bottom Flaps

Used gaylord boxes with full bottom flaps can be used to hold raw plastic resin, regrind pellets, component parts, scrap pieces, and many other items. When used with a skid, these boxes can stack on top of one another for vertical storage in order to maximize floor space utilization.  Full bottom gaylords on the used marketplace are becoming more difficult to locate.  Container Exchanger has an extensive selection of full bottom gaylords to offer, at competitive market prices.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004565 Used 42x41x35 5 Walls with partial bottom flaps $7.00 1000 MI, USA
S004472 Used 46x38x34 4 Wall Gaylords - Full Bottom Flaps $8.00 400 TX, USA
S003217 Used 46x38x40 2 Wall Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $5.00 10000 OH, USA
S4075 Used Gaylords 40x48x38 5 Walls - Full bottom flaps $9.00 500 OH, USA
S004635 Like New 40x48x47 2 walls Gaylords - PET Reinforced strapping plus lids $14.00 2700 MA, USA
S004634 Like New 40x48x47 3 walls Gaylords - PET Reinforced strapping plus lids $16.00 1800 MA, USA
S004088 Used 46x38x36 3 Walls with Full top and bottom flaps $9.95 524 MI, USA
S003404 Used 45x48x42 Produce 3 Walls with full bottom flaps $12.00 3000 CA, USA
S003218 Used 46x38x40 3 Wall Produce Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $6.25 1600 OH, USA
S003013 Used Mixed load of 2 wall Gaylord Boxes - Mixed Load $5.50 1500 PA, USA
S4631 Used 46x38x34 5-Wall Gaylords with full top and bottom flaps. $14.25 420 MN, USA
S004938 2 Ply, Full Bottom, 71 ECT Gaylord Boxes $6.08 1100 IL, USA
S004934 USED 2 Wall Produce Full Bottom Gaylord Boxes $5.60 935 NY, USA
S004931 Used 48x40x36 Gaylord Boxes Double Wall Full Bottom with top and bottom caps $8.65 2700 GA, USA
S004898 Like New 2 wall Full Bottom Boxes! $6.30 1000 MA, USA
S004869 Tri Wall- Full flat bottom $10.00 1000 IL, USA
S004847 2-ply Flap Bottom Octagonal Gaylord Box $6.00 300 CO, USA
S004795 Used 48 x 40 x 40 Gaylords - 4 wall Full Bottom Flaps Excellent Shape- No residue $10.00 500 GA, USA
S004752 Used 42x48x36 Single Wall Gaylords $6.25 325 NC, USA
S004656 Used 2 wall 46x57x36 Rectangle Gaylords with lids $4.00 500 SC, USA
1-20, 43 total listings       [1]  2  3 
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