Used Gaylord Boxes with Partial Bottom Flaps

Used gaylord boxes with partial bottom flaps can be used to hold raw plastic resin, regrind pellets, component parts, scrap pieces, and many other items. When used with a skid, these boxes can stack on top of one another for vertical storage in order to maximize floor space utilization.  Partial bottom gaylords on the used marketplace are becoming more difficult to locate.  Container Exchanger has a recurring inventory of partial bottom gaylords to offer, at competitive market prices.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S002919 Used 40x48x24 3 wall Watermelon Gaylords with partial bottom flaps. $4.00 700 NJ, USA
S002597 Used 40x48x38 5 wall Octagons with partial bottom flaps $8.00 500 OH, USA
S003977 Used 40x48x40 5 Wall Gaylords with partial bottom flaps $9.85 5000 MA, USA
S003892 Used 40x38x36 3 wall Pumpkin Gaylords $5.00 400 NJ, USA
S3494 Used 42x42x40 Slip Sheet 5-Wall Gaylords $7.50 506 KY, USA
S004538 Used 44x47x44 5 walls - partial bottoms with slip-sheets $9.50 450 OH, USA
S004102 Used 42x42x39 5+ Wall Gaylords - Partial bottom flaps with slip-sheets $14.00 300 IL, USA
S004078 Used 44x48x44 5 Wall Gaylords - Partial bottom flaps with slip-sheets $11.50 400 NC, USA
S004065 Used Gaylords 48x40x40 8 walls - Partial bottom flaps $12.00 0 MN, USA
S004063 Used 42x45x39 5 wall Gaylords - Partial bottom flaps with slip-sheets $8.00 400 KY, USA
S004043 Used 48x48x40 5-6 Walls with Partial Bottom Flaps $8.50 4500 KY, USA
S003941 Used 45x45x40 5 Wall Gaylords - partial Bottom Flaps $10.50 500 GA, USA
S003697 Used 44x44x41 3-5 wall Mixed load of Gaylords - Partial bottom flaps with slip sheets $7.00 450 KY, USA
S003450 Used 5 wall gaylords - Approx 40x48x37 mixed load $9.00 340 NC, USA
S003326 Used 4-5 wall Mixed Load of Gaylords: Approx 45x48x38 - partial bottom flaps w. slip-sheets $9.00 2000 IN, USA
S3997 Used Gaylords - Mixed Load of 4-5 walls $9.50 450 MI, USA
1-16, 16 total listings       [1] 
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