Used Collapsible Containers

A pallet container is a plastic heavy-duty storage container. The sides of these used collapsible containers can be released and collapsed into a compact and stackable unit. They can be used to hold manufactured parts and bulk materials, such as appliance parts and automotive parts. Used collapsible containers are deliberately constructed to be mobile, and are easily transported around a warehouse floor through the use of forklifts and some pallet jacks. Collapsible wire baskets and metal bins are another type of used collapsible containers that can be used for manufactured goods, or as metal shipping containers to ship heavy product over long distances. These used collapsible containers are a nice option for a metal shipping bin.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S003838 Used 58x45x43 Metal Bins, Collapsible, Zinc coated $100.00 200 LA, USA
S002462 NEW 5131 Compatible 54x44x30 Collapsible Wire Basket, Stackable, Drop Gate. GREAT PRICE, LIMITED TIME UNTIL Nov 1st! $325.00 1000 IL, USA
S004035 Used 44x38x30 Wire Baskets- Heavy Duty with Drop Doors $168.75 3600 MS, USA
S4057 Used 58x45x43 Collapsible Metal Bins $105.00 200 PA, USA
S004718 Used 40x48x46 Collapsible Bulk Containers with drop Doors - Optional Lids available $150.00 100 OH, USA
S003146 Used 45x48x34 Collapsible Bulk Containers w. Drop Doors $115.00 208 TX, USA
S004750 Like New Orbis 57x48x34 Collapsible Bulk Containers with Drop Doors $200.00 66 TX, USA
S004736 Used 45x48x42 Collapsible Bulk Containers w. Drop Doors $160.00 140 MI, USA
S004735 Like New Buckhorn 45x48x50 Collapsible Bulk Containers w. Drop Doors $185.00 200 GA, USA
S004727 Used 58x45x39 Rigid Gray Wire Baskets - Stackable $480.00 78 OH, USA
S004606 Like New 45x48x25 Collapsible Bulk Boxes w. 2 drop doors - Black $105.00 115 AL, USA
S004478 Used Food Grade Tubs with Lids - pallets included $80.00 30 MA, USA
S004197 Used Orbis 48x42x30 Rigid Containers with Detached Lids $100.00 1087 SC, USA
S004068 Used 45x48x42 Collapsible Pallet Containers with Drop Doors $160.00 75 TX, USA
S003852 Reconditioned 30x32x25 Collapsible Bulk Containers - 2 Drop Doors $100.00 18 OH, USA
S3926 Used 45x48x50 Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers w. Drop Doors - mixed colors $155.00 75 TX, USA
S3925 Used 45x48x25 Collapsible Bulk Pallet Containers w. Drop Doors $90.00 188 TX, USA
S004759 Used 45x48x42 Collapsible Bulk Containers w. Drop Doors $160.00 130 TX, USA
S004741 Used 45 x 28.75 x 38.75 Wire Baskets $330.00 105 OH, USA
S004737 Used Buckhorn 48x40x46 Bulk Containers $155.00 55 NY, USA
1-20, 313 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16 
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