Shipping Crates

Wood crates are often used as shipping containers to import products into North America. Due to import regulations, these wood shipping containers must be heat treated. Of course, these wooden shipping containers and wood boxes can be reused as shipping crates for other products. These wood shipping crates also work well as wood storage crates for any facility.

Below is a listing of the wood shipping crates available through Container Exchanger.
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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004079 Used 62x28x30 Wood Crates $20.00 72 TN, USA
S003917 Used 47x32x21 Wood Crates with lids $8.75 300 TN, USA
S003853 Used 39x20x18 Wood Crates w/ Lids $15.30 1500 TN, USA
S002949 Used 49x37x27 Wood Crates - Collapsible, Heat Treated $24.00 1000 MI, USA
S002948 Used 52x37x29 Wood Crates- Collapsible, Heat Treated LIMITED STOCK $33.60 100 MI, USA
S002947 Used 51x39x30 Wood Crates- Collapsible $27.20 1000 MI, USA
S4289 Used 36x44x33 Wood Crates- Heat Treated, Stamped ISPM 15 compliant $25.60 200 OH, USA
S005014 USED Heavy Duty 4'x2.5'x1.5' collapsible wood crates $39.90 25 OH, USA
S004984 USED 30x36x36 ISPM-15 Heat-Treated Shipping Crates $14.00 150 MI, USA
S004920 NEW 90" x 42" x 46" Padded shipping / storage crate $437.50 4 CO, USA
S004908 USED 24x24x7 Shipping Crates $15.00 150 OH, USA
S004903 USED Wood Shipping Crates 29" x 28" x 19". $9.42 1500 GA, USA
S004894 USED Wooden Shipping/Storage Crates $7.05 2500 IN, USA
S004863 57HX30WX42L Wooden Create $60.75 10 FL, USA
S004828 USED 31" x 31" x 8 1/2" HT wooden crates $8.00 400 KY, USA
S004815 USED 65x36x22 Heat treated, sturdy wood crates $56.25 50 PA, USA
S004814 USED 58x43x22 Heat treated, sturdy wood crates $56.25 50 PA, USA
S004813 USED 75x39x22 Heat treated, sturdy wood crates $68.75 50 PA, USA
S004693 Used 43x29x29 Wood Crates $18.00 300 FL, USA
S004426 Used Wood Crates - Various Sizes $26.00 50 GA, USA
1-20, 62 total listings       [1]  2  3  4 
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