Produce Gaylords

Large corrugated Gaylord boxes with vent holes are perfect for distribution. Produce boxes, like Gaylords, are often used for different types of melons like watermelons, honeydew and cantaloupes and pumpkins.

Below you will find all the Gaylord Boxes for sale with vent holes available through Container Exchanger for your produce needs.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S003217 Used 46x38x40 2 Wall Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $5.00 10000 OH, USA
S002919 Used 40x48x24 3 wall Watermelon Gaylords with partial bottom flaps. $4.50 700 NJ, USA
S003892 Used 40x38x36 3 wall Pumpkin Gaylords $5.00 400 NJ, USA
S003404 Used 45x48x42 Produce 3 Walls with full bottom flaps $10.54 3000 CA, USA
S003218 Used 46x38x40 3 Wall Produce Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $6.50 1600 OH, USA
S005243 3 Wall Full Bottom Gaylord Produce Boxes AZ $10.80 900 AZ, USA
S005222 Full Bottom 3 PLY Gaylord Produce Boxes $10.46 900 CA, USA
S004999 Used Produce Gaylord Boxes Mixed Load $3.50 1125 MN, USA
S003463 Used 40x48x42 3 wall Produce Gaylord boxes - Full bottom flaps $7.00 800 SC, USA
S002387 Used Gaylords: Approx 40x48x42 2 wall produce gaylords with full bottom flaps $8.00 1000 OH, USA
1-10, 10 total listings       [1] 
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