New and Used 40x48x34 Pallet Containers

40” x 48” x 34" Bulk Containers are a common size of pallet container. We offer both new and used 40” x 48” x 34" Bulk Boxes, with various heights. They are designed to reduce your packaging and shipping costs, as well as provide product protection. The sides of these collapsible bulk boxes can be released and collapsed into a compact and stackable unit.  With the walls up, they are collapsible, stackable, made from durable HDPE plastic, with solid walls, and drop doors for easy ergonomic access.  Our used bulk containers allow you to maximum warehouse floor space when used in a closed-loop or returnable bulk container operation.  When fully erected, these will ship from 2-4 bins high in a trailer and when they are collapsed they will ship from 3-8 bins high in a trailer, depending on the container height. Our collapsible bulk containers are the key to making the most out of your allotted floor space.  The most common brands are made by Linpac (Ropak), Buckhorn, and Arca (Xytec).

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004808 Used 40x48x34 Bulk Collapsible Pallet Containers w. 2 drop doors $135.00 47 ON, Canada
S002866 Reconditioned 40x48x34 Collapsible Bulk Containers w. 2 Drop Doors - Mix Color $147.50 52 OH, USA
S2966 New 48x40x34 Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers w. 2 Drop Doors Inquire for Price 10000 IN, USA
1-3, 3 total listings       [1] 
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