New 24x22 Stacking Totes

stackable bins work best for small assemblies and plastic parts. These straight-wall containers provide well-organized stacking in trucks, warehouses and on pallets. Often straight wall industrial totes contain internal dunnage and part dividers to help protect these parts and keep them safe.
Plastic stackable straight wall industrial totes are often made from, a very strong material that enables the containers to last for several years. Straight-wall containers offer a significant cost savings when compared with cardboard boxes. While most plastic totes are made from plastic; wire mesh or fiberglass totes could also fit into this category. These totes rarely have lids, because the products are protected by the stacking nature of the totes. The most common straight wall tote manufacturers are Orbis, Buckhorn, Schaefer and Akro.
All production totes on this page have a footprint of new 24 x 22.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S3155 NEW 24x22x8 Straight-Wall Totes $13.00 894 MO, USA
S2472 New 24x22x14.5 Plastic Stacking Totes $13.71 10000 VA, USA
S2471 New 24x22x11 Plastic Stacking Totes $12.12 10000 VA, USA
S2470 New 24x22x7 Plastic Stacking Totes $10.00 10000 VA, USA
1-4, 4 total listings       [1] 
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