Nesting Pallets

Nestable plastic pallets are made from sturdy construction and a great solution for storing and shipping all types of goods and materials. Resists weather, splitting mildew and rot. Nests for efficient storage when not in use. Pallets that are nestable can nest inside one another whereas a stackable pallet have a solid platform on the bottom which only permits double stacking of pallets with goods and other pallets. The major advantage of using nestable pallets for material handling is the space you save when transporting or storing. When they are empty, the warehouse pallets can be loaded on a truck at a 4 to 1 ratio, compared to other pallet types which can result in reduced freight costs.

  • Prices are typically 50-80% cheaper than the cost of a stackable pallet.
  • Resists weather, splitting mildew and rot.
  • Nests for efficient storage when not in use.
  • Sustainable option allowing reuse multiple times.

TIP: Guide on picking the right size pallet.

Using nesting pallets for shipping

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  • When reviewing products, look for the minimum quantity required for purchase. For pallets, there is typically a 100 quantity minimum required for purchase.
  • The per item price does not include freight costs (we can handle the freight & logistics for an additional fee OR you can arrange your own freight).
  • We represent sellers across North America; we've partnered with dozens of freight carriers across the continent.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005793 Used 48x40 Nestable Plastic Pallets PA $12.50 500 PA, USA
S005556 New 48 x 40 Plastic Nestable Pallet $29.75 0 NC, USA
S005555 New 48 x 45 Nestable Vacuum Formed Top Cap $24.00 0 NC, USA
S005554 New 48 x 45 Structural Foam HDPE Nestable Pallet $40.00 0 NC, USA
S005547 New 40" x 48" Nesting Pallet, 3000 lb dynamic capacity $36.25 5000 NY, USA
S005085 New Plastic Nestable 48 x 40 Pallets (Export) $10.78 5000 OH, USA
S005045 48x40 plastic pallet $50.00 106 OH, USA
S004753 nestable plastic pallet 43" x 31.5" x 6" H $5.75 120 CT, USA
S004641 Used 48 x 40 Plastic (San Pallets) $8.50 1200 IN, USA
S004585 New 48 X 40 Nestable Pallet w/ lip perimeter $12.15 3000 TX, USA
S004579 Used 45" x 48" Nestable (Sleeve Pack) Pallet $10.80 600 BC, Canada
BC, Canada
S004541 Used 45 x 45 Plastic Pallets $10.50 1000 IN, USA
S004539 Used 40 X 48 Plastic Pallets $7.50 200 IN, USA
S004487 Used 47x39 Nestable Plastic Pallets - Solid Top $12.00 90 NC, USA
S004479 Used 40x48 Nestable Plastic Pallets $11.00 1680 FL, USA
S004475 Used 800X1200mm Plastic Nestable Pallets $6.50 1000 NC, USA
S004474 Used 40x48 Nestable Plastic Pallets $15.00 114 CA, USA
S004284 New Mid Duty 48 x 40 Plastic Nestable Pallet $10.25 3000 TX, USA
S004222 Used 40" x 48" Solid Top Deck Nesting Pallet with 9 feet $10.00 300 PA, USA
S004203 Used 48 x 40 Solid Top Nestable Plastic Pallet $10.25 200 PA, USA
1-20, 63 total listings       [1]  2  3  4 
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