Heat Treated Wood Crates

The heat treatment of wood crates is required for shipping materials that can be critical to the safety of consumers. Mostly a requirement for shippers within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Due to a result of the presence of chemical traces from the fumigation of wooden crates; the method of sterilization by heat treatment provides a safe option for sterilizing wooden crates.

Container Exchanger specializes in high quality used wood packaging at a fraction of the costs of buying brand new wooden crates. Save up to 40% instantly when you buy used shipping crates. On average this material handling solution can be reused up to 30 times, saving on crate acquisition, disposal costs, and it offers sustainable benefits like saving landfill waste.

Used Wooden Shipping Crates

  • Easy reassemble
  • Recyclable & reusable
  • Made to use internal bracing devices such as foam, supports, straps, bolts, etc.
Review the wood crates for sale below. To obtain a FREE quote, complete the "INQUIRE NOW" form. Each product listing indicates the minimum quantity required to make a purchase. The per unit price does NOT include freight costs; we can quote and facilitate freight OR you can use your own freight carrier. Container Exchanger serves customers across North America.


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Sale Ads
Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S4557 Used ISX-Type-02. 51.5"x37"x29" Collapsible Wood Crates. $20.53 1000 MI, USA
S005681 Heavy, Heat Treated ISPM-15 Stamped, Wood Crates 23x14x12 KS $9.75 3000 KS, USA
S002949 Used 48.5x37x27 Wood Crates 12.8-Type-02 Collapsible, Heat Treated $17.50 1000 MI, USA
S006004 31.5(80cm) x 23.5(60cm) x 7.5(19cm) Collapsible EuroPallet (Frames/Pallet/Lids) $14.00 200 OH, USA
S005860 Collapsible Intl Wood Crates 50x38x30 $60.00 1000 MI, USA
S005739 48x48x28 Used Wood Crates CA $13.30 1000 CA, USA
S005470 Re-usable Computer Server Crate w/ramp $75.00 50 VA, USA
S005308 Used 58x36x87 heat treated wooden crates CA $351.00 4 CA, USA
S005299 Used 69x52x30 DISMANTLED WOODEN CRATES IL $99.00 6 IL, USA
S005293 Used 52x42x23 DISMANTLED WOODEN CRATES IL $45.00 15 IL, USA
S005235 Used Wooden containers w/lids $84.00 40 FL, USA
ES010750 USED WOOD CRATE 44.5x27x30 $125.00 10 TX, USA
S005114 Used Collapsible Moving Crates - "Sofa Crate" - 8' x 10' x 7' high $219.00 35 GA, USA
S005113 Used Large Collapsible Moving Crates - 7' x 5' x 7' high $151.25 75 GA, USA
S005104 99x50x70 wood crate with door; heavy duty IL $625.00 1 IL, USA
S005102 large wood crate with door; heavy duty $750.00 1 IL, USA
S005014 USED Heavy Duty 4'x2.5'x1.5' collapsible wood crates $39.90 25 OH, USA
S004920 NEW 90" x 42" x 46" Padded shipping / storage crate $437.50 4 CO, USA
S004894 USED Wooden Shipping/Storage Crates $16.00 0 IN, USA
S004693 Used 43x29x29 Wood Crates $18.00 0 FL, USA
1-20, 29 total listings       [1]  2 
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