Gaylord Boxes, Texas

Gaylord boxes offer the ideal solution for the transport and storage of a wide variety of materials needed for your business.  Because there are many different options to choose from, our exchange is sure to have the right option for you. 

Choose from a selection of 4 wall boxes, octagonal Gaylord boxes, and even those with full bottom flaps or partial bottom flaps, depending on your needs. When stored with pallets, these Gaylord boxes can easily be stacked for maximal use of storage space in your warehouse. Because they are made with multiple cardboard layers, they are sturdy and reliable. The boxes are also easy to fold flat when they are not in use.

Container Exchanger makes it easy to find new or used Gaylord Boxes in your area.  Please view our list below for available Gaylord Boxes or reach out to one of our experts for information on a particular listing.  Our inventory is available in all areas of Texas which include but are not limited to:

  • Houston
  • San Antonio
  • Dallas
  • Austin
  • Fort Worth
  • El Paso
  • Arlington
  • Corpus Christi
  • Plano
  • Laredo

 Our Container Exchange makes it easy to find the packaging materials you need at a fraction of the cost.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004472 Used 46x38x34 4 Wall Gaylords - Full Bottom Flaps $9.33 400 TX, USA
S005137 Used 4 ply wall Gaylord Boxes semi-octagon Full bottom flaps $10.00 1800 TX, USA
S005038 Used Double wall rectangle gaylords with attached bottoms $8.75 1200 TX, USA
S005037 Like new 3 wall full bottom gaylord boxes in Dallas Fort Worth Area, TX $10.37 600 TX, USA
S002674 Used Gaylords - 48x40x42 4 wall, Rectangle in shape, with Full bottom and full bottom flaps $15.26 300 TX, USA
S002671 Used 45x36x41 5 wall Gaylords with full bottom flaps. $13.23 500 TX, USA
S002548 Used 46x40x22 4 Wall Rectangle with full bottom flaps $6.00 1000 AR, USA
1-7, 7 total listings       [1] 
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