Gaylord Boxes, Georgia

If you are searching for affordable Gaylord boxes Container Exchanger can help.  Gaylord boxes are perfect for storing a variety of materials that are crucial to your business.
Gaylord boxes have many benefits, including their durability, ability to be stacked, and availability in a variety of sizes.
Because Gaylord boxes are available in many shapes and sizes, you know you will find something in our exchange that suits the needs of the items you intend to store.  These types of storage boxes are even easy to store when not in use, allowing you to keep them hidden until it is time to start packing.
Our large inventory is available in all parts of the United States, including throughout Georgia. We currently serve the entire state of Georgia, which includes but is not limited to the following cities:
  • Atlanta
  • Columbus
  • Savannah
  • Athens
  • Augusta
  • Sandy Springs
  • Roswell
  • Macon
  • Johns
  • Albany
Container Exchanger is serious about providing you with a large selection of Gaylord boxes at an affordable price. If you are ready to get started, browse our selection below or contact one of our customer service professionals for targeted assistance and advice.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S003217 Used 46x38x40 2 Wall Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $5.00 10000 OH, USA
S002597 Used 40x48x38 4-5 Mixed Wall Octagons with partial bottom flaps $8.52 500 OH, USA
S002089 Used Gaylords - Mixed Load of 4 walls - Partial bottom flaps with slip-sheets $10.00 5000 TN, USA
S003218 Used 46x38x40 3 Wall Produce Boxes, Full Bottom, Octagons $6.50 1600 OH, USA
S3494 Used 42x42x40 Slip Sheet 5-Wall Gaylords $10.88 506 IN, USA
S005493 5 Wall Gaylord Boxes $11.92 440 TN, USA
S005456 38x34x46 3 Wall Full Bottom Gaylord Boxes TN $9.28 1000 TN, USA
S005419 Used 42 x 33 x 42 5 wall Full Bottom TN $11.75 300 TN, USA
S005406 Great Condition 3 Ply Gaylord Boxes $9.50 500 AL, USA
S005325 Used 5 Wall Mixed bottom Gaylord GA $10.50 350 GA, USA
S005311 USED 48 x 45 x 40 5 Ply Gaylord boxes KY $9.00 1000 KY, USA
S005267 Gaylord 4 PLY "B" Boxes 44x44x38 $8.00 500 IN, USA
S005140 USED 4/5 WALL GAYLORD BOXES $8.67 500 IN, USA
S005017 5 wall octagonal Gaylord boxes $10.00 400 NC, USA
S004924 USED Heavy Duty Gaylord Boxes $9.10 550 KY, USA
S004901 Like New 4-5 Wall Resin Boxes! $11.60 500 NC, USA
S004899 Used Heavy Duty 5 Wall Resin Boxes! $9.21 500 IN, USA
S004897 Used 3-5 wall Resin Boxes $8.95 550 IN, USA
S004795 Used 48 x 40 x 40 Gaylords - 4 wall Full Bottom Flaps Excellent Shape- No residue $10.00 500 IL, USA
S004656 Used 2 wall 46x57x36 Rectangle Gaylords with lids $4.00 500 SC, USA
1-20, 33 total listings       [1]  2 
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