Agriculture Bulk Containers

Agriculture bulk containers are large plastic pallet containers with mesh sides. Bulk Bins can be collapsible or rigid and many have 2 to 4 drop doors for easier loading and unloading of product.
Mesh sided agriculture containers are great for packing and shipping produce like large melons and citrus. With a liner they can be used for beans, seeds and other smaller items.
Take a look at the bulk agriculture containers we have available here.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S004051 New 48x48x52 Vented Bulk Container $299.50 1000 WA, USA
S003558 Vented Bulk Container 45x48x30, MacroBin 32-FV $159.00 1000 KY, USA
S003489 New 48x40x31 Vented Plastic Bulk Boxes $145.00 10000 MI, USA
S1582 New 48x40x50 Extended Height Collapsible Bulk Containers, FDA Approved $430.00 10000 MI, USA
S1580 New 48x40x28 Collapsible Bulk Container, FDA Approved $300.00 10000 MI, USA
1-5, 5 total listings       [1] 
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