40 x 48 Plastic Pallets

40" L x 48" H plastic pallets are made from sturdy construction and a great solution for storing and shipping all types of goods and materials. Resists weather, splitting mildew and rot. They are a valuable and important purchase for any operation considering long-term return on investment (ROI). Here you can find all Container Exchanger's pallets that are 40" x 48" Footprint (Standard GMA Pallet). 

  • Prices are typically 50-80% cheaper than the cost of a stackable pallet.
  • Resists weather, splitting mildew and rot.
  • Nests for efficient storage when not in use (optional).
  • Sustainable option allowing reuse multiple times.

TIP: Guide on picking the right size pallet.

At Container Exchanger, we specialize in saving your company money by providing access to quality used pallets. Instantly save up to 40% buying used plastic pallets! Review available inventory below and complete the "INQUIRE NOW" form

  • When reviewing products, look for the minimum quantity required for purchase. For pallets, there is typically a 100 quantity minimum required for purchase.
  • The per item price does not include freight costs (we can handle the freight & logistics for an additional fee OR you can arrange your own freight).
  • We represent sellers across North America; we've partnered with dozens of freight carriers across the continent.

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Image Item# Description Price Quantity Location(s)
S005793 Used 48x40 Nestable Plastic Pallets PA $12.50 500 PA, USA
S005583 Used 48x40x6 Blue/Green Plastic pallets WI $15.00 30 WI, USA
S005582 Used 48x40x6 Injection Molded Pallets WI $15.00 30 WI, USA
S005556 New 48 x 40 Plastic Nestable Pallet $29.75 0 NC, USA
S005775 Used 48x40x6 Wood Pallets (CHEP Style Block Pallet) in GA $2.50 5000 GA, USA
S005619 48x40 Foam Pallets GA $3.00 728 GA, USA
S005549 New Plastic Reusable Freezer Spacer, 40" x 48" $32.50 5000 PA, USA
S005547 New 40" x 48" Nesting Pallet, 3000 lb dynamic capacity $36.25 5000 NY, USA
S005519 USED 40x48 Block Plastic Pallets OH $13.30 6000 OH, USA
S005401 48x40 Foam Pallets $2.50 728 IL, USA
S005304 Used 40x48 Plastic Pallets $22.50 800 AZ, USA
S005149 Used 48x40 HDPE-HMW Thermoformed Pallets $12.50 150 ME, USA
S005148 Used thermofoam 48x40 nestable pallets $7.50 800 TN, USA
S005085 New Plastic Nestable 48 x 40 Pallets (Export) $10.78 5000 OH, USA
S005053 Used 48 x 40 plastic pallets (OH) $8.10 400 OH, USA
S005045 48x40 plastic pallet $50.00 106 OH, USA
S005028 New 48x40 Plastic Pallets (Blue and Black Available) $82.48 600 IN, USA
S004936 Used 48 x 40 Plastic Pallets $25.00 1000 NC, USA
ES010467 New 1000mm x 1200mm heavy duty plastic pallet 4000 lb edge rackable $79.90 10000 IN, USA
S004822 New 48x40 3 runner Plastic Pallet $80.00 1000 MI, USA
1-20, 82 total listings       [1]  2  3  4  5 
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