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Minimum Quantity Requirement for IBC Totes; 12 pieces minimum typically - varies by seller (minimums stated in each product ad). Industrial IBC Totes, also known as IBC Tanks or IBC Containers, are used to store or transport a wide range of fluid products including food, pharmaceuticals, flammables, corrosives and many others. At Container Exchanger, you can find a wide variety of IBC tanks – from new totes to reconditioned ones. You can also find used non-reconditioned industrial containers, which can be used for waste materials. 

Our most common IBC Totes:

• 275 Gallon Totes - Non Food Grade
• 275 Gallon Totes - Food Grade 

• 330 Gallon Totes - Non Food Grade
• 330 Gallon Totes - Food Grade 

Container Exchanger strives to keep your business viable with green solutions. Check out our list of industrial IBC Totes and chemical totes available throughout North America. Inquire on one of the item pages and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you. See answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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Important features:

When choosing IBC totes and IBC tanks for sale, there are several important factors you have to consider. Such as the requirements your facility is subject to, the number of uses and reuses you expect from the tote, intended use and the tote’s tolerance and ability to handle residual products.

When it comes to choosing the correct IBC tote you also need to carefully reflect on the individual features you need such as the condition of the tote, it’s previous contents and the pallet type.


Before purchasing IBC totes or chemical tote tanks, carefully consider your application and what condition of tote you can effectively work with

  1. Unrinsed tote –. Unrinsed IBC containers will have residue or contents left over from the previous materials. While we do disclose what products were in the unrinsed tote, you need to make sure the contents your plan to fill the tote with can handle the previous contents.
  2. Rinsed tote – For rinsed totes, we typically request a triple rinse.  However, residual products can still remain after the rinses. Again, keep this in mind before purchasing this type of IBC tote.
  3. Rinsed, Refurbished totes – What sets this apart from a rinsed tote is the level of cleaning these go through before being sold. Rinsed and refurbished totes are professionally cleaned with specialized equipment. In the world of used totes, you can expect this option to be as clean as possible.
  4. New bottle –While used totes are a great way to save money and ship/store your materials, there are some applications that call for a new bottle.  For any human food grade or animal grade or any other food-related application, a new bottle is the way to go. Since they have not been used before, there are no remaining containments and, therefore, safe for consumption.

Previous Contents

Plastic IBC totes are versatile in that they are used for many personal and business applications. For example, totes can be used to hold items such as water, glue, fertilizer, pesticides and chemicals. We have also seen them used for rain barrels, a basin to hold water for cows and an area to grow plants.

When buying used IBC containers, this is why it is so important to understand what they previously held. Different specifications are used to describes its former contents and you should choose a bottle accordingly.

  1. Unknown – This means the tote(s) had unidentifiable fluid contents prior to resale.
  2. Non-food grade – Typically a label used to describe a tote that held items such as chemical, paints, herbicides pesticide or other hazardous contents not meant for food applications.
  3. PREV-food grade – Previously held contents that were of food grade nature. Please note that this does not necessarily mean the items were safe for human consumption but the contents were of food grade quality. 

Pallet Type

You pallet type affects the cleanliness and reusability of IBC totes.

  1. Metal pallet –These pallets are made from galvanized steel and prove to be extremely durable.
  2. Plastic pallet – Plastic pallets have a generally nice appearance, stay clean and can be reused multiple times.
  3. Wood pallets – Wood may shed splinters and often times have a less than desirable appearance, making these pellets the most affordable option.
Since there are so many features and conditions you need to consider before purchasing and IBC tote, Container Exchanger is here to assist you along the process. Do not hesitate to rely on our experts to help you determine the right tote for all your business needs.