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Container Exchanger is the #1 online marketplace to buy or sell your used bags, material hoppers, and containers. Our super sacks, FIBC, and bulk bags for sale come in many shapes sizes and names. Whether you call them super large sacks, big bags, jumbo bags or Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC), they are an excellent low cost packaging option. Crafted from durable woven plastic, with lift straps affixed to the top, they are easy to fill, move and even easier to empty. Container Exchanger offers a wide variety of super sacks and bulk bags for sale, new and used, available throughout North America. Common styles include:

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Since our super sacks and FIBC bulk bags for sale vary greatly, they are the ideal shipping and storage container for a wide variety of your business purposes. While you can always discuss your specific application needs with a Container Exchanger representative, below we go into our bulk bags’ different feature and what each one is capable of handling. 

Top Style

  1. Open top – Open top bulk bags have the least amount of material on the top of the bag. This style has lifting loops and a perimeter to ensure that all your contents are retained within in the bag. Since this style has the least amount of material on the top, be aware that spills are possible. Keep this in mind when filling open top bags and super sacks with certain items.
  2. Duffle top – If you want the easy access of an open top, but with extra security, a duffle top may be the bag for you! This style has a wide opening that allows for easy filling and unloading, but, unlike the open top, it features additional material that is designed to tie at the top of the bag. This ensures your contents are kept in place.
  3. Cone top – The cone top design is perfect for keeping your contents and items safe and secure. Along with the extra material used to tie down the opening (as with the duffle top) these new or used bags for sale can also be sealed off.  However, this style tapers into a tighter opening meaning and your contents have to funnel into the bag.
  4. Stout top – Stout top styles taper into a tighter opening (about 12 inches) which enables the bag to keep its shape. The stout can effectively be sealed off so as not to spill its contents. Since stout tops have a tapered and smaller opening, special equipment is often needed to fill and empty these bags, making them the preferred stout configuration for professional filling operations.

Bottom Style

  1. Spout bottom – This is the most common bottom style bags is the spout bottom. This is due to their convenient bottom that ties off, allowing security and an easy draining method.  When you are ready to empty the bag, a forklift or rack elevates the bag and it is then opened and the contents inside are drained. If desired, they are great items to reuse, or sell back to the Container Exchanger network.
  2. Flat bottom bag – These bags no do have a spout, therefore making flat bottom bags a one-way shipping solution. Since they don not have a spout, they are cut open when ready to drain the bag of its contents. Once the bag is cut, they can never be reused or resold, so it is the smart option to instead recycle the bag.


Bags and super sacks for sale with baffles have an interior structure that helps maintain the bag into a square shape. Their square shape gives baffles an advantage of easy shipment with a less likely chance of deformation. However, while the shape helps protect the contents during shipping, the internal structure makes them more challenging to drain when emptied.

No matter what style better suits your needs, lean on the experts at Container Exchanger to help you locate and secure a bag for your and your business. When you have exhausted all uses, again resell your bulk bags, super sacks, and FIBC to the Container Exchanger network.