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Whether your needs are for bulk materials storage such as pellets, powders, or ingredients, or if you have manufactured goods that require safe and protective storage, you’ll find a solution to your business challenge here. Container Exchanger simplifies the process of material handling and shipping with our easy to use Collapsible Plastic Bulk Containers & Non-Collapsible Plastic Tubs. Our bulk containers for sale are extremely durable, heavy-duty (with some safely holding up to 2,500 pounds), infinitely reusable, easily repairable, and easy to ship and store.  We have a large variety of options and sizes available in both new and used collapsible pallets, containers, and collapsible plastic crates to meet your business needs. 

With supplies located throughout North America, we strive to keep your business viable with green solutions. We offer brand-name containers including Arca, Xytec, OrbisRopak, and Buckhorn.

See the list of bulk containers for sale below. To obtain a complete quote, including freight costs, contact (888) 551-5528. Our business hours are Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm EST.

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Suggested Applications

Manufactured Goods and Parts:

For Manufactured goods such as plastic moldings, part assemblies, switches, and other manufactured materials, nearly any of the Plastic Bulk Containers for sale on these pages will meet your needs.  Selecting the correct plastic shipping containers comes down to the size  and features you wish to have.  Most customers go with the collapsible bulk containers, they’ve got lots of advantages, including collapsibility, drop doors for ergonomic access, stack ability, easy to repair, and low initial purchase price.  Non-collapsible containers are generally going to be used when your application generates sidewall pressure, such as loose items, high density items, and bulk materials. 

Bulk Materials such as Powders, Pellets, Fruits & Veggies:

For bulk materials storage, choosing the right container is highly dependent on your application, including the density and fluidity of your material and how you wish to load and unload the bulk container.  Usually it’s best to talk to one of our experts about your application before deciding to purchase a specific item like collapsible pallets and containers.  We have accumulated lists of our Plastic Tubs, these are our containers which are fully sealed and can hold powders without leaking, however the weight of the load and if you are rotating the units to dump them will affect greatly which bins would work for you application.


Many of our plastic bulk containers are collapsible, these are the most popular units, the most popular style of container because of their versatility and weight carrying capacities of up to 2500 lbs.  Many of the collapsible pallets have drop doors for easy access, and parts can be swapped which facilitates repairs.

Our non-collapsible bulk containers have solid bottoms and floors and are fully sealed, these we call Plastic Tubs.  Containers in this style are excellent for bulk materials such as ground or pelletized plastics, small stampings, and other small items which would otherwise become stuck in the small holes and openings between the calls of the collapsible ones.  Some of these have runners which would support the activity of rotating the container to dump it, so discuss your needs with the Container Exchanger sales reps to make sure you get the right bulk container for your needs.

We also have non-collapsible bulk containers which have vented walls, this style of bulk container have been designed for use with vegetables and produce, and we’ve even sold them for use in waterside operations where the contents of the container will need to be drained of water.

For all of your business needs, you can trust in the products for sale through Container Exchanger. When buying and selling new or used plastic pallets and containers, let Container Exchanger be your first and final point of contact. From buying to selling bulk plastic containers, we are experienced and can help you fulfill your business needs.  Trust in the experience and leadership through Container Exchanger in purchasing items to store and safely transport your manufactured products.