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Whether you are shipping brand new castings or collect scrap materials, metal storage bins are the ideal solution for safe transport and efficient depot of your goods. Durable and strong, these solid sided steel containers for sale are a storage solution suited for the most demanding industrial needs. From solid metal bins, wire mesh containers (see the Wire Basket section), industrial wire baskets, and everything in between. Container Exchanger has a great variety of metal storage bins that will ensure product protection. Metal storage containers offer safe transport and will keep everything where it belongs.

Keep everything organized and at hand with metal bins and industrial wire baskets from Container Exchanger. Inquire on one of the metal storage bins for sale below and our packaging experts will confirm availability and quote freight for you. If you don’t see the metal stacking bins you need, we do offer custom bins as well, please contact us to discuss your requirements and our containers for sale.

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Suggested Applications

  1. Manufactured goods and parts – Metal bins are ideal for handling loads such as steel castings, metal castings, machine parts, high-density components, and other heavy-duty materials. Selecting the right container depends on the size and features that are ideal for your individual needs. You are sure to find the right metal bin for all your heavy-duty needs with all of Container Exchanger’s options.  While most of these bins have fixed wall, you may also be able to locate some that are collapsible, along with drop door options, fork tubes, lifting loops, welded seams and options with a lack of runners.
  2. Scrap materials – Metal bins are an excellent scrap collection container for heavy, high-density materials. Like our pallet containers, metal bins are great for storing and transporting loose, bulk items but the steel sides make them an even better option for you heavy-duty industrial needs.  Typically when dealing with scrap, you will want to empty the contents from the bin before you buy. You can empty your metal bin with a Gaylord dumper or by purchasing models that have fork tubes and rutters. The types of bins with rutters or fork tubes allow you to dump the contents with a rotating for lift attachment. However, it is usually best to talk to one of our experts before deciding on the right bin for you company’s needs.
  3. Tools and parts storage – If you are looking for storage options for items such as heavy pneumatic air tools or bucking bars, metal bins are an exceptional container option.  These versatile and sturdy bins can hold heavy steel shipments and make a great option for your plant storage needs.  Whenever in your warehouse or plant, opt for metal bins for and infinitely reusable storage option that will provide your business with years of use.  Our metal bins can easily stack for compact storage. When you are ready to utilize the tools and parts in storage, you can pull out and move the containers to the job site.

When shopping for heavy-duty steel containers, trust Container Exchanger to supply all your business needs. Let us be your first and final point of contact when searching for a new or used metal bin.