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We Sell in Bulk Quantity (200 PIECES MINIMUM ON CARDBOARD GAYLORDS)! From raw plastic resin and scrap pieces to regrind pellets, Gaylord boxes can be used to hold just about anything. Their sturdy design, with multiple layers of cardboard, provides support for any material contained within. Stack these bulk cardboard boxes on top of one other to save valuable storage space.

Often, a used Gaylord box can provide just as much stability as a new one. Although most gaylord boxes can safely hold 1000 - 1800 lbs., always check the weight rating before loading and use caution to ensure that stacking boxes will not cause a safety hazard. We recommend calling (888) 551-5528 to consult with our sales reps to make sure that your purchase will meet the requirements of your application. Container Exchanger strives to keep your business viable with green solutions. This is why, purchasing Gaylord containers from us will save you as much as $30 per box. With supplies located throughout North America, we can help save money on freight too. Popular Styles: 
Boxes with Full Bottoms
Boxes with Partial Bottoms
Multi-Wall Layers
Cardboard Gaylords With Lids
Plastic Gaylords
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Feature Sets and Options within Gaylord Boxes

The typical differentiating factors associated with Gaylord boxes will be discussed. If you are unsure as to what type of features are important to you and your individual business needs, read below to see how the different features impact each Gaylord box.  

  1. Wall layers – Wall layers are the cardboard fluting, or the zigzag part of a Gaylord box, that makes up the strength of the box. Gaylord boxes can have multiple walls for varying strength capacities. The minimum amount of walls a Gaylord box will have is two while the thickness can go up to eight walls. Boxes with two to three walls have a lighter holding capacity typically holding around 1,000 lbs.  A three-wall box is considered middle ground that meets that needs of many applications but are not quite considered heavy-duty. Boxes with four or five wall layers are the most robust on the used market and meets needs of most customers’ needs. They can hold heavy materials such as plastic regrind or other bulk materials with a typical capacity being around 2000 lbs.
  2. Vent holes – Bulk cardboard boxes with vent holes are perfect for a tight budget and/or a light duty application, such as shipping produce. Since the box is generally used for light contents or one-way shipping, consider reselling the box to Container Exchanger when you exhaust all uses.  However, before purchasing a gaylord container with vent holes, be aware of the product you are shipping. Since the amount of holes in a Gaylord box varies, you want to do research, as you do not want items to fall out of the boxes.
  3. Bottom flap design – Full bottom flap designs refer to a box with at least one set of flaps that cover the entire bottom of the box. A box that has a partial bottom flap design means the flaps on the bottom don’t quite meet. Sometimes slip sheets are available with these boxes to get a full bottom.  Tray bottom boxes have a bottom composed of a completely separate piece of cardboard that assembles like a lid. Once the lid is assembled and placed on a pallet, the box sides are dropped into the lid. Although hard to find on the marketplace, Container Exchanger may have them.  The buyer should be aware of any previous application the boxes were used for. If you are dealing with a sensitive product, you may want to consider a used box’s previous application since some contents of the previous items could still remain in the container. In this situation, a Gaylord box liner would be a good solution.

The different features of Gaylord boxes often depend on the items and weight of the contents that need to be shipped. To ensure you chose the right cardboard bins for your needs, rely on the experts at Container Exchange to locate and secure the right Gaylord box for your manufacturing needs.